Bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion, prices fell more than 70% years, sold for scrap mill

Bitcoin prices in 2 dip, remain at $4500-4750 down, the encryption currency fell before the market with many fluctuations than active, the short-term do the difference naturally open space.

Recently, encryption currency market can be said to be more and more miserable every day, a groaning.after coin ring. The crazy bitcoin price slump, bitcoin mining machine market has become very depressed. This few days outside the circle than we more lively, on, looked at us lively. The machine sold on the pounds, “the world’s biggest bubble burst, trillion market value evaporated” title with the headlines, think also, less than a year ago, or continue to hurt all riches myth outsider eyes, soon turned into this depression scene, was a strange joke.

2017 years and 12 months, bitcoin prices up to $19891.99, and yesterday bitcoin fell to below $4100, the lowest this year. In the past year Ribet currency value fell nearly 77%, bitcoin market capitalization from 2017 highs 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan evaporation.

In recent days, losing a lot of bitcoin speculators is a “Starving people fill the land”. Even a senior game player said their circle of currency assets have a loss of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

Many of the small mine discount to mill a year ago, the price of up to twenty-one thousand units of mine, now only sell 1000 yuan. Even, there are nearly 80% mills was when the waste treatment by pounds.

Of course, the large-scale report even negative blockchain also let more people reach more, think you just come into contact with bitcoin is not doubt, needs a process, this process is the opportunity cost.

Bitcoin, it has been announced that killed hundreds of times, the results still stubbornly lived up to now. The market has its own rules, is nothing more than the current bear market bull market last year is too wild, bitcoin rose nearly 20 times a year, a large number of profit flee, follow-up funds can not keep up, overkill cycle.

For the future of bitcoin, how do you see?

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