Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp reborn, has re launched operations

Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp reborn, has re launched operations

Recently, bitcoin trading platform Bitstamp suffered hacker attacks, has lost about 19000 bitcoins, Bitstamp for security funds to halt operations, this morning, Bitstamp announced that the site will be re opened, and provides a series of new services for customers.

Bitstamp announced on its official blog, the website will take on an altogether new aspect in order to prevent a repetition of security vulnerabilities, events.

The update service includes server migration to the Amazon AWS cloud server, enabling new hardware systems, multi signature technology and integration of BitGo wallet.

In addition, Bitstamp in order to compensate customers, from today to January 17th at 11:59 in the evening (UTC time), all transactions on the Bitstamp will all fee free.

Bitstamp said the website transaction at 21:00 on January 9th to restore (UTC time).

On Sunday, hackers began to attack Bitstamp, Bitstamp said Monday the hot wallet website problems, to remind users not to bitcoin in old bitcoin wallet, in the evening, Bitstamp found about lost 19000 bitcoins.

Bitstamp said a purse of looting, in order to prevent the further deterioration of the situation, then exchange issued a warning, and began to suspend operations. The website CEO NejcKodri? Said the stolen bitcoin account for only a small part of the bitcoin wallet total storage capacity, most of the rest of bitcoins are stored in the cold in the offline wallet.

On Tuesday, Slovenia media reported that, according to Bitstamp co-founder Damijan Merlak said, Bitstamp will resume operations in 24 hours.

Then, CEO Kodri? Said on twitter website will be back online in 24-48 hours.

Then Kodri? Continue to emphasize on twitter, Bitstamp funds are safe, to reassure customers, but the exact time of the site back online is not sure.

Kodri? Said through Twitter and the official website page update notification Bitstamp users, web page has been redesigned on Thursday, and promised the user said – “we will come back soon!”

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