Bitcoin exchange Kraken to enter the Canadian market

Bitcoin exchange Kraken to enter the Canadian market

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according to MarketWatch Reported that the San Francisco based bitcoin exchange Kraken And payment processors Vogogo The company reached a cooperation, and entered the Canadian market.


The cooperation will be a key breakthrough for both sides, crypto currency start-ups Vogogo For Kraken Provide risk management, security, compliance and payment processing services.


Now, the exchange allows Canadian users through interactive electronic transmission and electronic funds transfer, the Canadian dollars into digital currency. The transaction costs in the 0.10% and 0.35% Between traders based on trading activity is different, they enjoy different rates.


Kraken Chief executive Jesse Powell ( Jesse Powell Said):

“In Canada, we saw a lot of Kraken The opportunity, we are relying on Vogogo In the aspect of risk management and payment processing expertise, to allow Canadians to safely and effectively their Canada yuan in Kraken Mobile platform. We look forward to providing quick settlement services and convenient liquidity for customers, which will enable Canada bitcoin bitcoin market and business development.”


It is reported that, Kraken The global digital currency market exchange is one of the most active companies in the United States in October last year, the exchange into Japan, also increased the deal. according to Bitcoin Charts The present data show, Kraken Trading platform for 4579 BTC , this data has exceeded the competitors ANX as well as BTC-e .

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