Bitcoin “fall and fall” do you choose to copy the bottom now?

Remember, at the end of last year, bitcoin entered a bull market, suddenly soared to nearly 2 in the case of gold, and now bitcoin can not reproduce the brilliant, as more and more stringent supervision, coupled with frequent hacker attack, causing panic in the market, according to the latest data show that bitcoin has fallen no, only the lowest, lower, have hit a year low, the current price is $3404.99, many investors are worried that bitcoin will return to zero, in the face of bitcoin stumble endlessly, you will choose hunters now?

Bitcoin plummeted

In 2009, bitcoin is the price of cabbage, no one will pay attention to bitcoin, but ten years later, as a result of a surge, let bitcoin become the best choice of investment, various countries began to adopt bitcoin, bitcoin has become a time, chasing the meat and potatoes, but around bitcoin has been a topic of interest, as well as money, bitcoin has been unable to bring more possibilities, and now, because bitcoin has been in decline, as the rest of the value is no more.

Bitcoin from nearly 2 in case not worth a hair, gold, and now down to $more than 3000 a, the price of bitcoin is like sitting on the roller coaster, and invest in bitcoin, the mood is ups and downs, in fact, from the beginning of 2018, bitcoin has been in decline in the state, but before, has been stuck in the above $more than 6000 support, has now dropped to $more than 3000, but some analysts believe that bitcoin is likely to fall to $1500, if so, really will be dropped to the bottom of it, compared to nearly 20 thousand and the top of the bitcoin value has shrunk to 80%.

Investment, in fact there is surplus loss, when bitcoin brilliant, many people crowded broken head to enter the circle of money ah, because it can make money ah, no one is there’s time and money, like the bull market in 2017, some people achieve flourishes dreams, and some people because the approach late, what Laozhuo, leaving only a carnival after the feather, bitcoin was once seen as the gold substitute, but now seems to have lost this halo, not only lost one trillion pieces, but also continue to fall.

Bitcoin will return to zero?

In fact, from the beginning of the birth of bitcoin, which itself is of no value, but given the value of bitcoin artificially high, because bitcoin investment of many people, so speculation high bit currency prices, then behind the speculators, also sat for the benefit of others, so in the currency circle a popular phrase the cut chives, those entering the coin circle lengtouqing lose everything, so the market will be more and more negative emotions, so once the price of bitcoin why so high? Because of faith, there are a lot of people believe that bitcoin prices will hit a record high, but with the consensus being broken, so faith for bitcoin investors gradually lost, the price also changes from high to low.

Bitcoin prices fell from a record high, then bitcoin will return to zero? This problem has been consistently throughout the bitcoin development path, now in the market downturn, again some people began to worry that bitcoin will return to zero, in fact, this is not possible, after all, bitcoin the price is determined by one, if there is no one to believe in it, then bitcoin is no investment value, but return to the first application to bitcoin, because after all is an application of the blockchain, bitcoin’s value lies in the technology itself.

Now hunters?

When the bitcoin has become fashionable for a time, to know the hot point, even the food market of aunt, all know bitcoin, bitcoin has now plummeted, bitcoin fell after the change radically, will rise? There will be a bull reproduce? This is worth pondering, is tangled in the end copy the hunters, actually bitcoin have hope that bitcoin fell only temporary, the future price will be a high point, and now although bitcoin plummeted, but the price is still 3000 yuan a dollar, so there is no copy of the statement.

Currency speculation and speculation almost a matter of fact, there is luck, if you are a short-term currency speculation, so you just to make money to want to leave the currency speculation, will leave it, but now the price of bitcoin is not the end, not the end can be copied, because last year rose too much, and this year fell too many investors believe that, so now is the bear market, there are a lot of investors already leave the flesh, but there are still people waiting for bitcoin prices rise, so if you are a long-term investor, you will see.

But the market downturn, does not mean that there is no investment value, but the removal of left inferior, fine, if bitcoin in after the collapse, unable to get up after a fall, it means that bitcoin is not worth the investment, and the bitcoin crash, is to test the investment confidence and patience, if not, your capacity to leave that will leave it, but there is no hunters say, you say it

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