Bitcoin fell $3400 from a historic high of 80%

[bitcoin below $3400 from the record high 80% fall] continuous decline Friday cryptocurrencies deteriorate further, according to the summary of Peng Bo pricing, encryption currency bitcoin largest fell 8.2%, the price fell below $3400, the lowest level since September 2017 hit. In the new wave of decline, the highest point in the history of bitcoin now from a year ago the record fell more than 80%. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission said in December 6th, the agency plans no later than February 27th to decide whether to approve the financial technology company SolidX Partners Inc. Van Eck Associates Corp. and Asset Management Co proposed ETF application. After several delays, SEC was originally scheduled on the proposal to make a decision in December, the new schedule is a new blow for the 2018 fall of encryption currency industry.

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