Bitcoin fell 80%, and another gold industry is in the trend of recovery

Recent market is torture, bitcoin has since been made bitcoin cash this tough copycat son after the “center”, the total amount of RMB can not change the consensus has been broken, so hard now fall, is most likely behind the hashrate gangster Zuozhuang short. They move a finger, retail the investor wealth has shrunk 20%, and also the legitimate reasoning to whom.

So many people once again focused on Internet banking more secure income categories, such as P2P. After the P2P record is postponed, after a period of chaos, but with all the mutual Gold Association collective voice, national approval rules, restart the P2P site inspection, industry order is rapid and stable, those who do not comply with the provisions of the platform in which some hammerburst fell, some follow the acceptance and rhythm policy gradually returned to Taiwan and around the regulatory action accelerated significantly, while the industry is finally showing a new trend.

Over the past ten years, P2P has been in a barbaric growth posture in the shuffle constantly growing, largely because of its solved a huge pain point in the market, on the one hand to cover the bank can not solve the Small and micro businesses or blank credit personal financing demand, on the other hand the traditional financial subjects such as higher than bank interest returns for investors, to achieve the “inclusive”.

In the mutual gold platform had appeared problem, we found that most of the problems are fake, self financing platform or maturity mismatch by the pool of funds and asset pool model, this is a lack of industry regulation, barbaric growth will inevitably lead to the result. These are not compliance platform, forced to lay off to Quweicunzhen, environmental purification industry. This round of “thunder tide” caused the industry reshuffle, although also constitute a certain impact on the P2P platform of compliance operations, but from a long-term perspective, the industry reshuffle also accelerate the real P2P compliance endorsement.

It can be said now P2P, is already a very good investment. Such a conclusion cannot do without peer – currency against the circle of wailing over the stock market than Yindie, bank profits are too low, people can not find a good investment channels. We have reason to believe that the P2P in the purification of this round of regulatory acceptance, can really usher in the spring of their own. So, now P2P friends should have posture is to follow the policy acceptance of the rhythm, to find the compliance, health P2P platform.

Some time ago, Beijing Gold Association has started to cross Beijing P2P platform launched the industry compliance self discipline work, in accordance with the “Interim Measures” business management information network lending intermediaries and depository of funds, information disclosure guidelines and other requirements, combined with the “information network lending agency compliance check list” strictly enforced. Because of the particularity of Beijing, this basically is the P2P platform reference self-examination, acceptance criteria, and Beijing compliance inspection focus on ten aspects:

1. is strictly for positioning information intermediaries, have engaged in credit intermediary business;

2. if there is a pool of funds, there is no advance funds for customers;

The 3. is for their own self financing or disguised as;

4. is to provide direct or indirect guarantee or commitment to protect the interest of the lender;

5. whether the lender imposed rigid payment;

6. whether the risk assessment of the lender and classified management;

The 7. is to the lender to the borrower’s risk information disclosure;

8. adherence to principles of small decentralized lending network;

9. whether the sale of financial products to raise funds (or stripped to the affiliates of the sale of financial products);

The 10. is to high inducements and other ways to attract lenders or investors to join.

We can see from it, the regulatory requirements of the P2P compliance in simple terms is four words: real business, at the same time to P2P the requirements of investors is: risk. A compliance P2P platform should have small decentralized real loan project, the project information honest disclosure to investors, and investors should try to choose carefully, own risk obligations, so both lenders and borrowers will not let the platform take excessive risk control cost, education cost even just against the cost of investors. Just against looks very nice, but once the overdue payment pressures are squeezed on the platform, the platform operating costs increased sharply, while the industry environment and the liquidity downward, easily cannot cause the downfall of the support.

In addition, although there is no written focus on the issues of compliance inspection, but Beijing and Hangzhou have released an important signal that the volume of the small platform will be cleared. In January 13th, Beijing news, Beijing area to collect the size of less than 50 million yuan net loan platform will not be filed. 11 month 12 days, Hangzhou was less than the stock 100 million platform will be repaying the news, a number of local platform facing out of the crisis. In simple terms, Beijing has to be received is less than 50 million, Hangzhou has to be received less than 100 million of the platform, I am afraid to quit the stage of history.

Some analysis of regulators is such considerations, to close below a certain size, earnings are difficult to survive alone. Part of the small platform by neither operation nor operating capacity, continuous operation intention, sprint record is to sell the shell. In section two, the small size of the platform itself weak competitiveness, operation ability, operating conditions are also vulnerable to the effects of industry. Once the occurrence of overdue or run the risk, immediately blasting, should guide the benign exit.

According to our usual payment repaying scheme to see, it would take at least 1 years, and now many of the industry platform winding time is 2 to 3 years, the time of payment, payment can not be guaranteed, there may be risks in the payment run away, so the policy is unknown before investment income to be less than 1 hundred million of the platform. Investors should be cautious.

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