Bitcoin fell another day in 11% world, the world’s second largest mining machine maker, trump machine bought three and then hit 50 percent off.

Just like the winter air, this coin ring is particularly cold winter chills.

Non small market, in December 7, 2018 12, bitcoin price $3380. Compared to 6 of 12 on the $3777, bitcoin plummeted by 11% in a day, the market value evaporated $6 billion 900 million.

Compared with the end of December 18th bitcoin $19299 highs this year, bitcoin has fallen to 82.5%, $260 billion in market value.

In this trillion of wealth disillusioned in the disaster, not only the various miserable leeks, miners, even long entrenched in the top of the food chain and its giant, is also shivering.

Jia Nan Yun Chi is currently the world’s second major vehicle manufacturers. According to early 2018 Jia Nan Yun Zhi Hong Kong submitted the prospectus disclosure, Chia Nan Yun Chi sold in 2017 (the main products for all system series machine is Avalon) about 19.5% of total market force with all sold bitcoin mining machine is power.

In December 7th, the “daily economic news” reporter to call the customer’s identity Scarlett Nan Yun Chi Mills Mall customer service phone, buy its other matters, clearly told told reporters A851 (Avalon 851) in the promotion.

“Last month is a three, the price is 2900.” “Now, we retail, 1050, this is the lowest price. The spot, about two working days.” Customer service enthusiastically sell to reporters.

“Now we only have A851 and A921 in A921 we sell, did not sell, mainly A851.A921 9 moon, September 20 started selling, 7Nm chip. If you want to return now entering it, buy A851 is more appropriate, more cost-effective, so A851 is our main push now.”

The reporter informed, A851 Jia Nan Zhi Yun trump models, in late July of this year before the listing, 16nm chip is 14.5T, priced 2900 yuan. A send last month from 3 (price of about 2175 yuan), recently directly dropped to 1050 yuan, equivalent to half off again, have to say the promotion is crazy.

Reporter estimates, according to the price of money today, according to the electricity price 0.4 yuan /kw, in the current network situation, a new A851 machine, one day can earn 1.11 yuan, this is not the cost of labor and custodian fee. If plus the cost of the machine, mining for 1 years, net loss of 794 yuan, is worthless.

So you can imagine ace models, other models is the elimination of old, no wonder pictures brush some time ago mills on the pounds sold over the internet. Remember at the beginning of the year, with bitcoin rose to 100 thousand yuan high, a factory price of 8 thousand yuan to 20 thousand mills is fried, or futures, spot to 30 thousand now, ACE models in a couple of months, then cut the discount, as if a generation had passed.

“Avalon A851 unexpectedly fell to 1 thousand, mining industry really ended.” A senior mining circles in a bitcoin forum with emotion.

(source: Daily News)

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