Bitcoin fell behind the deception! Who in the circle of retail money!

Bitcoin fell down to just 11 days, the price of 44%, but if compared to the same period last year, bitcoin prices have dropped to 80%. When the highest a bitcoin value of 120 thousand, and now a bitcoin is only 26 thousand and 700, those who buy coins at the top end to lose more miserable I don’t know, but currency speculation investors pit was miserable is almost inevitable!

What is the meaning of bitcoin? As a virtual currency, bitcoin is not as real money to buy things, also cannot see, such a currency’s value is used for investment speculation!

Many people know how out of bitcoin, but in the end why prices fired up? The answer is very simple, that is the capital and the media cooperation results!

Like many years ago in the super bond and tulips, if you want to put a real value low price speculation up, is necessary for money and media. To help the media campaign, advocated that the degree of hot investment, the advocate is necessary, because it can attract more investors. The money is also very important, when the market confidence is insufficient, need to put money speculation group pushing up the market price, from the hands of users to buy coins, and every time the price should be a little higher, the best practice is to several people to play together, we work together to stir up the price. At this time those speculators began to come in, those people know that there is tricky, but they want to make money, and then began to stir the play. A virtual currency price was not worth a hair, pushed up to 3000 yuan, and the rising trend. The retail investors came in, and began to harvest!

Retail investors saw the opportunity to think there is a chance to make money, think there are a lot of opportunities to make money, and now the media are still advocating. Retail investors at the moment is very generous, they fear that they lose the opportunity to make money, hope from the currency speculation to make a big fortune! However, when they came in, when it is harvested.

The bitcoin price curve is, rose faster, falling faster, rose faster in order to create a kind of atmosphere, and fell fast because they have to hurry to harvest, at this time in retail you have no way, they could not bear the flesh, but after all those of their pension money, the more they are reluctant to lose flesh, the more miserable, but bitcoin from the initial 120 thousand fall to 26 thousand and 700 now, how many assets hit the inside? You might need to see who will be in the bitcoin below 10000 jumped.

The money is the media to advocate the currency circle of business people, those who do not have any real value of the currency as a tool they get money, but the money they have been deceived, but many people also is really ridiculous as their idol worship!

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