Bitcoin fell below $3500, 11 days plunged 44% to 48 billion 600 million of evaporation, and become the world’s largest scam

According to the Chinese economic news report, November 14th 12, bitcoin price of $6417, at 0:00 on November 25th, bitcoin price of $4342, the same day at 18:24, bitcoin price exceeded $3620, that is to say in this short 11 days, bitcoin market plunged 44% lost $48 billion 600 million, or into the world’s largest bitcoin Pang a Ponzi scheme!

Bitcoin had won many national endorsement, in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the three big market, appeared the unprecedented trading scene, even the aunt, students are crazy approach. However, less than 12 months, bitcoin and the beginning of this year to $20000 compared to, now bitcoin market more than just a circle of leek harvest. Now Chinese bitcoin richest man Li had already left to bitcoin, economists Wu Xiaobo said Li Xiaolai’s departure: The coin circle is only a feather.

Like Li Xiaolai in 2010 2011, some low-cost approach to game player who, at the time of high mass dumped goods, one overnight, net worth of millions, one night they go bankrupt, and slogan: “a coin a young model” and “one coin a villa”. Bitcoin may be a lot of people don’t know what the hell is that, but this is a stock, there may be behind a big dealer in Hailun, out of this crazy numerous living beings. Why many people know bitcoin someday will collapse, but we must resolutely approach? The reason is that they are all gamblers.

Bitcoin is a kind of flower drum Ponzi scheme, it requires continuous believers to enter the market pushed up prices, Buffett had warned investors: bitcoin is essentially a mirage, it will eventually become a joke! But even the diving price, there are still many people waiting for hunters now, genesis trading company and Genesis capital trading director Michael Moro (Michael Moro) said in an interview with the CNBC, bitcoin may have to wait until the bottom level of $3000 will appear.

Bitcoin not only may be the world’s biggest fraud, even his founder Nakamoto are likely to be fictional, not at least until now know Nakamoto who, in 2008 is not a “existence” of Nakamoto So, with a 9 page white paper bitcoin opened parallel to the amazing world of wealth. This is a chain block is not good to use accounting technology, but because the TA carry forward then become synonymous with the industry.

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