Bitcoin fell below $3500 now to get off and wait for what?

From the beginning of November 14th, the dollar price of bitcoin began to dive, from the previous 1 bitcoin exchange about $6500, all the way down to the last night broke through the $3500 mark integer, at the same time there are various other aspects of the synchronous chain reaction, “mine card” returning to the market, its virtual currency market sold on the pounds… A groaning.after.

Between 7 bitcoin exchange reached $6 to $3500 last night, and then suddenly all the way up, as of now has reached more than $4000 to recoup some of their losses. Many miners are not see hunters hope?

Bitcoin exchange USD (picture cut from Sina Finance)

According to the design of Nakamoto bitcoin, access difficulty will be increased exponentially with time, before and after 2040 years will no longer bitcoin. With a look of the price seems to be all the way up, but because of what is not valuable, so the price without any rules.

Although today the trend, the price of bitcoin is indeed in the rebound, but does not suggest that you put into the future, the situation is not clear, if you continue to fall, the so-called hunters will turn into a wave of Chinese chive”.

Last year the mining hot, causing the game to game player to buy their own game card, and a recent period of time, and a new pit to the mine, second-hand card crazy influx market, after a period of high load operation, rapid aging of electronic components, the limit is close to running a lot, buy a hand may soon will be damaged. Trouble is, for the game graphics mining, various graphics brands attitude, will not provide customer service service for mining game card, which means that the purchase of second-hand mine card will own risk. But for the use of graphics to dig people you buy is to help him handle hands off the bad assets.

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