Bitcoin fell below $3500, teach tolerance academician’s death, LG 16 new patent exposure photo

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Here is the other big news today

# declines fierce, bitcoin day even broken 4000, 3500 two integers

(Wall Street informative) according to the bitstamp platform, Beijing time 6:24 in the afternoon, bitcoin fell below $3500 mark, currently at $3492.50. Bitcoin led currency fell again this week encryption. According to a number of platforms, today morning bitcoin fell short, a decline of up to 14% approaching $3800 mark (part of the exchange price of $3700), refresh the lowest since September 2017, fell from a high point of about 80%.

With the “coin”!!!

# academician of Academy of Sciences Teaching Chinese resistance died

(Science) China Democratic Alliance members, academicians, China Academy of Sciences China molecular plant science innovation center of excellence / Institute of plant physiology and ecology researcher teach tolerance comrades illness is invalid, died in Shanghai at 12:50 on November 24, 2018, at the age of 98.

Comrade 11 1920 Teaching – 29 was born in jinjiangfujian, 1940 and 1944 at the University of Zhejiang Department of biology. Other units of work in the study of plant physiology and Biology Department of Zhejiang University, Academy of Sciences has China. In 1991 was elected as academician of Academy of Sciences China.

Teach tolerance has received numerous honors and awards, including the 1978, the national science and technology award, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980 major science and technology achievement award third-prize 1988, Chinese Academy of science and technology progress prize two, in 1989 won the “national outstanding returned overseas Chinese intellectuals” title, 2000 HLHL foundation for scientific and technological progress award.

Good resistance to teaching academician.

# LG new patent applications: mobile phone or will be equipped with 16 cameras


(fast) LetsgoDigital according to foreign media reports, recently, LG received 16 camera patents, or will be applied to the mobile phone or camera, this may be the most number of mobile phone camera. In fact, a few years ago, LG also launched the first photo of double mobile phone manufacturers of intelligent machines, but did not achieve great success at the time, in recent years, with the popularization and development of the dual camera, intelligent machines, mobile phone lens is also increasing.

Displayed in the LG patent, these 16 lenses will be in accordance with the matrix arrangement, and in accordance with a certain curvature placed, so that different camera photos can be taken from a different perspective, then you can choose the best photos from, can also choose a particular camera to take pictures.

To change the lamp operation of yuba…

Chinese electronic game Super League # 2018CGL Finals held in Wuhan

(Beijing) 23 days to 25 days, China electronic game Super League 2018CGL Finals held in Wuhan. CGL the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games debut, the league championship team for field players passing champion spirit. As a representative of the gaming occupation player, they are interactive experience in the field and CGL finals players.

Chinese electronic game Super League 2018CGL sponsored by the China cultural entertainment industry association, a big game player, combined with revival of downstream industries such as a number of leading enterprises jointly organized, in the past on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade, innovation and change, increase new events in the event, on the basis of the original gameplay upgrades, enhanced interactivity game player, family and community. In the event the project consists of 6 projects in 2017, 17 to 2018.

Fame, retained the classic e basketball tournament, dance dance, dub, archery, Xipu cubic darts on the basis of the project, but also increased the bowling, tennis, baseball, battle Mi Da KTV, piano pieces, sonic speed, fast bowling, a ball of fame, frozen man etc..

I look at the next year I signed up to which project is good!

More choice of Internet information technology, welcomed the attention I ~

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