Bitcoin fell below $4100 compared to nearly 80% year peak decline

DoNews November 21st news (reporter Zhao Jinjie) from the Bitstamp data show that bitcoin fell below $4100 mark in November 21st term, has been dropped for three consecutive days. In recent weeks, bitcoin prices plummeted by nearly 38%.

At the end of 2017, bitcoin prices even topped $20 thousand. According to the annual coinmarketcap statistic chart, bitcoin has reached a peak in January of this year, to $19535.7, the market capitalization of $327 billion 152 million.

As of the 11 month 21 days 11, bitcoin prices remain at $4453.68, compared to the year high, bitcoin decline amounted to 77.2%.

But this may not be the worst moment of bitcoin. According to Peng Bo reports, bitcoin prices probably will drop to $1500. Analysts believe that bitcoin cash (BCH) will usher in the “hard fork”, is the recent collapse of bitcoin incentives.

5 months of this year, bitcoin appeared the first time in the history of human’s “hard bifurcate” bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash) was born. In November 16th, bitcoin cash community ushered in a new round of “hard fork”, divided into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

This bifurcation hard by self proclaimed Nakamoto Australian Craig Steven Wright (called “Macao within the circle of the Cong) initiated as a result of his Wu Jihan and bit, CEO (BCH fans) the concept of differences between the generated, and around the mine pool outbreak of conflict of interest.

In addition, Bloomberg pointed out that countries have begun to tighter regulation of bitcoin prices caused some downward pressure. (end)

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