Bitcoin fell below $4300 this year, down 65% bitcoins in the end how?

Following yesterday fell after November 20th, bitcoin prices continue to fall. According to the BitStamp encryption currency exchange offer, bitcoin prices are below $4300, the latest price of $4240, single day decline of 10.5%; CoinMarketCap exchange offer of $4394.6, down 17%.

Indeed, bitcoin slump is not a surprising thing, we have repeatedly stressed that bitcoin as a digital currency, it with the traditional currency are essentially different. The first US traditional money is what? According to Marx’s theory, the traditional currency is generally equivalent. What is the general equivalent? Is in the process of currency in the original, it is just a commodity, the commodity trading in the process of people’s found that this is all people are willing to go to the trading of goods, it will gradually solidified into a kind of general trade form, so it is called the general equivalent. So Marx in the capital have a word called currency is not gold, but gold and silver is a natural currency. The human currency used by humanity for thousands of years of evolution of commodity trading finally formed.

Even if we now use money behind it for the first time are equivalent to the gold and silver support, although later formed a lack of value of currency, but the gold and silver equivalent still exists. Only in the world now world currency circulation as an example, behind the dollar, before the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, the dollar is still the gold as the equivalent of. But with the dollar, oil dollar gradually become the equivalent of the dollar, that is to say the dollar is no longer equivalent of gold but energy, but in any case behind $there are money equivalent to some of the core.

We’ll see bitcoin bitcoin will find the lack of such a process, it is a generally believed a so-called digital currency, it is to be supported by the algorithm, remember here is not an algorithm, if he is in force as the support, stress as a resource it can be used as currency equivalent. So bitcoin as a lack of money equivalent currency, which itself does not have the form of money, in the use of everyone, we didn’t see anyone to Rabbi bitcoin as a standard money.

Always think the so-called digital currency, but is a game of pass the parcel, the game is still not burst, because it is itself has enough money deceptive, we can say that bitcoin is a risky investment, but we cannot say that bitcoin is really a currency.

So any bitcoin prices plummeted, are expected to do, as a kind of commodity value and lack of equivalent money equivalent, bitcoin itself has a greater possibility of soaring prices, now appeared bitcoin currency plummeted, show itself is this possibility, so for bitcoin investment and we must be aware of the high risk of bitcoin.

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