Bitcoin fell below the $4000 mark in Taiwan area “nine in one” election results

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Bitcoin fell below the $4000 mark

Bitcoin led currency fell again this week encryption.

According to a number of platforms, today morning bitcoin fell short, a decline of up to 14% approaching $3800 mark (part of the exchange price of $3700), refresh the lowest since September 2017, fell from a high point of about 80%.

For bitcoin late prices, Oanda Corp Asia Pacific head of trading Stephen Innes that has not yet bottomed out. Innes by phone to Bloomberg said that his basic prediction is the short term, bitcoin prices will fluctuate between $3500 to $6500, to January next year is likely to decline to $2500.

Bloomberg quoted eToro analyst Mati Greenspan said, the market value of the largest digital currency bitcoin fell $5000 support, a support or $3500. However, analysts have predicted that bitcoin could fall to $1500, more than the current level fell more than 70%.

Taiwan “Nine” election results

Xinhua Taipei on November 25th news, Taiwan “Nine” election in 24 days of voting, the election of 22 counties, county mayor and members of Township, village etc..

According to the Taiwan authorities election authorities poll, in 22 county mayor, Chinese KMT won the 15 seats, the DPP won 6 seats, otherwise 1 seats for the non party. According to the results, in the Taipei mayoral election, independent candidate Ke Wenzhe 3200 to win a narrow majority of votes more than Chinese KMT candidate Ting Shou chung. Ding Shouzhong 25 am to the court “invalid election lawsuit”.

The mayor of Taiwan County blue green layout change photograph Taiwan media preparation: United News Network

[domestic steel prices decline to expand iron ore market volatility down] Domestic spot steel prices continue to decline, and the decline has been expanded again, the market sentiment slightly pessimistic, turnover is weak. The iron ore market is in a downward trend shock. Relevant institutions analysts believe that the recent domestic steel prices decline greatly, further downward trend may be slowing. But the terminal needs the current steel city seasonal decline, steel stocks continuous backlog of raw materials prices accelerated decline, have a certain effect on the current trend of steel prices.

Bitcoin market:

[British economic analysts forecast in 2035 four City Chinese will be among the world’s top ten] The British Oxford Economic Research Institute recently released a report forecast to 2035, China will have four city total ranking among the world’s top 10 economic city. The report predicts that the ranked list of the top four city are New York, Tokyo, Losangeles and London, Shanghai ranked fifth, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen were ranked sixth, ninth and tenth.

[Renmin University of China Institute for national strategic development: this year is expected GDP growth 6.6%] In 2018 China macroeconomic “change” steady show continued to ease the situation. Estimated annual real GDP growth of 6.6%, the basic realization of the goal for economic growth. 2019 downtown pressure on the economy will increase, but the new stage of “six stable” policy introduced and implemented, the supply side structural reform and a new round of reform and opening up the climax of the set off, the decision of the 2019 market confidence will be effectively reversed. The report also stressed that in the new period the savings rate continues to decline, “steady consumption” is important for macroeconomic stability and healthy development is far greater than the “steady investment”.

[Spanish Prime Minister said it would support the British “off the European Agreement] Agence France-Presse news, the Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said on the 24, in agreement on Gibraltar, the Spanish government will support the British “off the European agreement. Sanchez had warned that if we cannot guarantee that the future of Gibraltar with Spain “veto”, he might boycott Sunday the EU “off the European” special summit.

[Rouhani called on Muslims around the world to unite against the United States] “Capitol Hill” U.S. media reports, the president of Iran Rouhani 24, urged Muslims around the world to unite against the United states. Reported that Rouhani held in Tehran joint Islamic International Conference said in a speech: “to the US led western succumbed to our religion…… We have two choices, or for criminals to roll out the red carpet; or is firmly against injustice, remain loyal to our prophet, the Koran and islam.” Earlier this month, the Trump administration has been a new round of sanctions against Iran.

[a Saudi prince suspected CIA that Saudi reporter case Conclusion] Reuters reported on 24, a Saudi Prince of Saudi journalists suspected CIA the death case conclusion, said can’t expect CIA to draw credible conclusions. The prince served as Saudi intelligence chief and the Saudi ambassador. He believes in the assessment, the CIA is not necessarily the highest standards “”. CIA said earlier is the Saudi prince ordered the killing of Saudi reporter Kasuji.

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