Bitcoin fell below the $4000 mark to refresh the lowest since September 2017

Multi platform data show that 11 25 April morning bitcoin short-term fell below $4000 mark, once close to $3800, since the 9 2017 year low refresh month.


Bitcoin was cold 10 days evaporate over 2000 billion yuan Thanksgiving Day “while fire robbery extortion virus coin”

In recent days, fall bitcoin has become the focus of public opinion. The machine sold by catty “and” evaporation 1 trillion “and other news followed.

At present, bitcoin fell to the end what? Data show that in November 13th -11 month 22 days, bitcoin market value dropped to $75 billion 900 million from $110 billion 500 million, in other words, the last 10 days, bitcoin has evaporated over 200 billion yuan.

Bitcoin flash crash behind the show a large number of holders to expedite the departure, bitcoin belief gradually collapse. However, there are still “extortion virus bitcoin hell-bent, bitcoin users as ransom to blackmail.

Ahead of the arrival of winter

In a few days, bitcoin feel the winter chill.

11 month 14 day, Thursday, for white-collar workers is just an ordinary day commuting, but for bitcoin, this day is destined to go down in history. The same day, bitcoin prices from $6300 plunged to $5500, finally closed at $5738 slow. The currency price plummeted stunned bitcoin bitcoin holders — the last drop below $6000 or at the end of June, is the only time of the year.

But compared to 6 months at the end of the market, quickly rebound trend is not familiar with the holders of anxious and fearful at 14 below $6000 has become “the last straw”, bitcoin quickly fell short of 5 beyond all expectations, again dropping to $5000, and once fell to $4100, $4000 from only one line.

“Securities Daily” reporter observed recently on 10, bitcoin has evaporated over 2000 billion yuan. According to CoinMarketCap data, November 13th -11 month 22 days period, bitcoin market capitalization fell from $110 billion 494 million to $75 billion 919 million, which means that the last 10 days, bitcoin lost $34 billion 575 million, equivalent to about 240 billion yuan.

The holders of bitcoin plummeted into a panic, a decline in the trend can also be seen, bitcoin is constantly being sold a lot. A large number of bitcoin holders are accelerated to leave, away from the vortex of winter.

As the first digital encryption currency, bitcoin market capitalization accounted for more than half of its direct impact on global digital encryption currency movements. Affected by this, the etheric currency, bitcoin cash, coins and other mainstream stars encrypted digital currency all open collapse mode, prices have decreased. At this time, sober people have doubts, itself has no monetary property, by regulatory authorities as a “virtual goods” bitcoin can get up again, hundreds of billions of dollars in market value?

Extortion virus again at bitcoin

However, outside the circle of currency, bitcoin has been optimistic about another person.

In November 22nd, the Western holiday of Thanksgiving, released 360 security guards virus Security warned before being cracked old versions of GandCrab for “new virus”. The new version will attack targeted the personal computer, to achieve the purpose of extortion by Trojan horse. Of particular note is that blind market GandCrab for virus seems to bitcoin plummeted, bitcoin is still preferred for ransom.

360 security guards half with ridicule introduces, the updated GandCrabV5.0.4 version mainly through some copycat piracy, and download software download station communication station. The first step is to entice users to click to install Trojan Downloader, once the download is successful landing, it will be forced into the system process, and to boast without shame the self styled “boot from the startup program”. “This way, as long as you open the computer, the GDCB virus can through blackmail Trojan downloader successfully for Checkin, success in your home computer, and then extort $350 or equivalent, as the world currency bitcoin as a ransom to you by the way to modify the file suffix.”

“Securities Daily” reporter noted that 360 security guards provide screenshots show a ransom payment, if bitcoin payment required to pay 0.083 coins.

According to the 360 security guards, in May last year, the global outbreak of WannaCrypt virus blackmail, swept in over 150 countries, covering at least 300 thousand users, resulting in the loss of $8 billion (about 55 billion 500 million yuan). At that time, extortion by mail, web pages and even mobile phone virus invasion, will the computer file encryption, the user is only required to pay $300 worth of bitcoin can decrypt, if not to pay for 7 days, the virus claims data information in the computer will never recover.

Since then, more and more people begin to understand bitcoin, bitcoin why become criminals accomplice? In simple terms, bitcoin has not focused on the issue, a limited amount of use is not subject to geographical restrictions and main features of anonymity, which makes it difficult to account for anonymous tracking, cross-border circulation convenient, can achieve rapid global transfer, so it is used by criminal organizations.

In fact, the regulatory authorities for many years ago that there is a risk of bitcoin.

2013 years and 12 months, the central bank and other five ministries issued “about bitcoin risk prevention notice”, to prevent bitcoin money laundering risks associated with the mention in the article: “the people’s Bank branches China should pay close attention to trends and trend of bitcoin and virtual goods with anonymous, cross-border circulation and other features similar to the other the carefully judged the risk of money laundering, research to develop targeted preventive measures…… For fraud, found that the use of bitcoin gambling, money laundering and other criminal activities clues, should be promptly reported to the police.” (source: Securities Daily)

(source: Securities Times News Network)

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