Bitcoin fell continuously is about to zero? Behind this may imply that this kind of thing!

The usual point of view bitcoin: after entering the financial market of bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme. However, recently described the coin circle cool, this massive Ponzi scheme burst far more rapidly than I expected.

Yesterday, Goldman investment strategy team pointed out in the latest years economic report, the first 7 months of this year, bitcoin prices have dropped 45%, and the future may decline is greater than this. And I feel the same, Goldman Sachs believes that bitcoin and other virtual tokens shrinking much faster than expected. Bitcoin round slump and the SEC in August 8th to postpone the issue of bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on. Since the fund is the first encryption currency financial products, so the market setback bitcoin huge blow.

In fact, ETF is just a minor setback listed reasons, the main reason is that I had repeatedly stressed: three traditional roles of bitcoin and other virtual tokens cannot achieve currency — is not a medium of exchange is not measured, nor stored value. That is to say, the key reason is the recent currency circle should be cool, no chives – more and more to understand the nature of bitcoin.

Goldman said bitcoin to drop all the way down, at the same time, the international investment bank UBS said in a report in early August also expressed a similar view. All this before and I repeated the views expressed similar: apparently, bitcoin has entered a bear market, open again into the second step, three-step retreat “repeatedly harvest leeks, shearing mode…… Stop.

This article is for reference only! Don’t make any absolute basis.

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