Bitcoin fell its sale, once crazy money ring can comeback?

The coin circle continues to panic. In recent weeks bitcoin has plummeted 30%; since December 2017, bitcoin cumulative decline of over 70%, turnover has shrunk dramatically.

Bitcoin week trend

Bitcoin trend this year

Strict supervision plummeted

Bitcoin the crash related to American ICO rectification.

According to “the Wall Street journal” reported on November 16th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter referred to as SEC) recently released on the official website announcement, said on CarrierEQInc. (Airfox) and ParagonCoinInc. ICO are two civil penalties project.

The contents include: according to the time of purchase tokens in dollars valuation returned to investors; tokens must be registered with the legal securities; a report to the Committee at least annually; pay a fine of $250 thousand.

The same day, SEC released “on the digital asset securities issuance and trading statement”. In the announcement, ICO token is regarded as unregistered securities.

As early as September 2017, China people’s Bank and other seven ministries issued “on the issue of financing risk prevention notice” tokens. Notice clearly pointed out that ICO has been characterized as unauthorized illegal public financing behavior; virtual currency exchange, registration and clearing institution and the custodian bank funds must be three separate.

This means that virtual currency trading can not generate profits. Since then, the virtual currency has not opened to stop the biggest round of adjustment

Once turned a profit of mining enterprises listed difficulties

When the coin ring hot, has led to the booming CPU, graphics, and special chip mill and other segments of the market. Relying on for bitcoin miners to provide “shovel”, Jia Yun Chi Nan, bit, and so earn pours.

However, as the industry turns cold, bitcoin mining machine sales and prices fall into the icehouse. Jia Nan Yun Chi Avalon mills the best in the market, one has to sell 2 to 30 thousand yuan, the current price is only 2900 yuan.

Mining industry leader, bit submitted in September this year the prospectus shows that from 2015 to 2017, bit, net profit was $49 million, $114 million, $701 million. The first half of this year, bit, $2 billion 850 million in revenue, net profit of $740 million, of which second quarter loss of $400 million.

A significant decline in operating results, is to the Hongkong Stock Exchange listing of mainland China, Chia Nan Yun Chi bit and Tianhe International meet “stumbling block”.

An industry source said, according to the bit, mining costs, digging a bitcoin electricity costs have reached 36 thousand yuan, which does not include the machine and labor costs. While bitcoin latest transaction price of RMB has been in the 3.2 million.

The coin ring can comeback?

After bitcoin trading sharply, long currency trading circle algorithm and mills can live on?

Analysts believe that long-term study of virtual currency, virtual currency once brilliant industry chain cultivation technology and talent, the accumulation of capital and wealth, even if the currency circle can not stage a comeback, due to technical similarities between, before the accumulation can germinate in other areas.

Had intended to listed on the new board of Jia Nan Yun Chi in the conversion to artificial intelligence. Chia Nan Yun Chi super computer chips in addition to stick to the original, have developed in image recognition, artificial intelligence, speech interaction and so on, has developed artificial intelligence KPU chip, intelligent TV, cloud computing, heaters and other mining.

Bit, is also from the special chip makers to design artificial intelligence chip design business transformation applied in the field of security.

Bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong is the actual control of the new board of wealth cat network. The first half of 2018, Lucky Cat network did not achieve operating income, net loss of 4 million 770 thousand yuan. The company said, because the company’s original business competition does not generate revenue, currently in the field of technical consulting and training services and other related business.

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