Bitcoin fell some things from the crazy to fall silence only takes a year

Bitcoin last headlines like last year’s 11 month, when bitcoin starting from $8000, with only a month’s time, the price directly soared to $19264, then no news reports of bitcoin, China also staged a variety of digital currency through the cut chives case, just a one year, bitcoin prices fell $4000 now. As has been below the cost of mining, mining began on the pounds treatment.

Just one year, bitcoin fell to the altar, for those who had predicted the bitcoin has risk, can finally straightened start spraying who had cursed his stupid X friends. But, what is the meaning of it, really in this carnival make money are qualified to laugh. In the volatility forecast the result of one thing is meaningless, like the famous “Red Net” stock analysts “lidaxiao”, why netizens scold, because he always said that this is the end of the stock market, 3000, 2800, 2600, anyway as long as there is a time to that can blow a lifetime.

Just as Keynes criticized the liberal economic school, the long term economic will be normal, just like sailing on the sea, the long term sea always calm, but when the ship has sunk!

Bitcoin this wave of roller coaster spike at least tell us a truth, that is only the advanced field in the capital market, people can eat, then to only then set man, leek life, if the disk is at the highest point, it will cry. However, difficult judgment is high, who can judge the trend? We can only guess, like stocks, in fact, is also a kind of gambling, just because it looks and company performance is linked to the gambling track, if it is able to accurately determine that we like the idea, there will be fluctuations in the stock price.

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