Bitcoin fell, the miners coming closures

Currency theory, which

A, bitcoin fell

Bitcoin prices plummeted sharply from yesterday afternoon, today has fallen more than $1000, mainstream currencies hit a new low for the year. Today the encryption currency market selling other currencies to sell more sharply than bitcoin.

For the bitcoin fast diving, 24 hours down over 7.62%, there are users that now the market for instant success, greed, sleight of hand, not to create real value.

You think the currency and learn diving, largely because of digital currency market is too anxious”. The coin ring flow overall shrinking, there will be some serious short-term oversold rebound in demand, but the miners reshuffle will also continue, the overall market trend has not changed, the market outlook will continue downward probability.

In the current stage of the bear market, currency Xuejun advice is appropriate Jiancang bargain rallies to lighten up, no need to panic.

Two, the Winklevoss brothers have a new action

Bitcoin billionaire brothers founded Winklevoss digital currency exchange Gemini for a project called “security gateway storage based on a new patent system of digital assets and mathematical method”, aims to secure storage of digital assets.

Winklevoss twin brother is really big, the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook founder Zuckerberg in the Harvard University alumni, they had in 2008 accuses Zuckerberg of stealing his “Facebook the creative” lawsuit, after a period of time, the two sides finally obtain reconciliation, Zuckerberg lost to the Winklevoss brothers settlement fee of $65 million.

In 2013, the price of bitcoin at around $120, the Winklevoss brothers will be obtained from the Facebook compensation invested more than $11 million to buy bitcoin bitcoin, and forecast the future market value should be able to reach trillion level.

The Winklevoss brothers have been trying to launch the regulatory bitcoin exchange traded funds (referred to as ETF bitcoin). However, in July this year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission again refused to put Winklevoss bitcoin ETF application, but the two brothers have yet to give up the idea of encryption currency related products launched.

Third, Twitter: CEO is exploring the block chain technology

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday that Twitter is exploring solutions based on block chain technology. Block chain has many untapped potential, especially on distributed trust and distributed execution.

As Dorsey Twitter and Square CEO, has been the advocate of bitcoin, their holdings are not low bitcoin, also predicted: the next 10 years, bitcoin will become the world’s “single currency”. And the bitcoin as their Square payment, can be said to be the bitcoin fans ah.

According to the currency Xuejun, push on the problem of identity fraud repeated, especially recently more and more fraud is to cheat the user’s encryption for the purpose of monetary assets.

On twitter these scammers account through the use of imitators and large-scale botnets, deceive ordinary users will send their encrypted currency to the fictional celebrities and influential figures in the hands of. These problems have prompted Dorsey urgent need to block chain technology, solve all kinds of fraud twitter faces now.

Fourth, Chinese investment boom block chain technology

Chinese ICT Institute released a “white paper” blockchain (2018), analysis of the current block chain in policy, industry, technology and standards of the latest situation and development opportunities.

Why block chain technology industry in recent years to get government support so vigorously?

Bi Xuejun believes that as a new block chain technology can provide new impetus for traditional financial transformation, can reduce the whole cost of financial services chain. Especially helps to optimize the bank financing business process, greatly saves the time and cost of transaction.

Take microfinance as an example, the past financial institutions issued a small micro loans to the average labor costs of about 2000 yuan, while the block chain technology, can make the average operating costs of each net loan is reduced to a few dollars.

The service cost of financial institutions is reduced, so people pay additional costs in the process of business whether will go down?

Since 2017, SEC has been rejected from different groups of at least 3 bitcoin ETF application, the Winklevoss brothers is applied two times. The netizen thinks ETF is money ring bear stimulants, but so far, ETF is still a joy.

The coin Xuejun holds a positive wait-and-see attitude for bitcoin ETF, whether ETF is a good medicine for help, or is it a joy to farce, ETF really passed, we can see the bitcoin is good or bad.

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