Bitcoin flash collapse, mills by catty sale after crazy in a constant state of anxiety!

In the end is what time from the beginning, people began to believe that bitcoin myth, Xiao Bian did not go to the bottom.

This is like the past stock market crazy, we only need to see the market aunt and mall security together on the stock market, do not need to ask them what is the time to start, and is subject to the who guidelines.

Obviously, the stock market and bitcoin is essentially different, but the same, have rich people hope.

Recently, many people hope it is so shattered.

People use such a word to describe the currency speculation in recent years:

Seven years of currency speculation two vast loss first car, after thousands of dollars for housing, limit, nowhere bleak!

Investors said, Bitcoin five days fell $1000, at the beginning of the year to buy 20 dollars, now losses will exceed one million.

According to the relevant data show that Tuesday (November 20th) bitcoin fell below $4700 mark, the lowest reach 4218 dollars Nearby, another new low. Same day, Bitcoin quote 24 hours or more than 17% . In the past 7 days, bitcoin fell more than 22%.

Since the beginning of this year, bitcoin has fallen 66%. From the December 2017 high, less than a year, bitcoin fell to 77%.

Bitcoin virtual currency plunged $30 billion market value evaporated overnight!

Bitcoin ETF is coming? It will bring trillions of dollars of admission?

Bitcoin: there are people in the agitation of 10 years million, one became a pauper

When making money, how the outbreak quickly, resulting in a number of myths, the achievements of the super hero, they called on everyone on the network to buy bitcoins, also published books professor cut chives and cheats, people everywhere to help people platform manufacturing and marketing of air currency……

All of a sudden, almost all currency circle of people, in the fantasy flourishes, want a coin to air a few hundred thousand times, even tens of thousands of times the growth, leading to financial freedom flourishes, carnival.

However, after the madness, always quiet. But, a lot of people can not calm.

Because they put all of the assets, and some even use a lot of leverage, and this fall, which brings, not only is bankrupt, also saddled with huge debts.

Of course, with the collapse of bitcoin, the whole circle is very miserable cryptocurrencies.

According to, the peak of encryption currency industry since January has depreciated more than $660 billion. From last week, with bitcoin fell, other mainstream digital currency tumbled. The top ten digital currency mostly showed double-digit decline. The whole digital currency market in the past week to erase at least $40 billion.

Corresponding with the currency speculation, there is an industry, also attracted a large number of people to participate, that is.

Between a when crypto currency boom, many science and technology enterprises, big data companies, hung a beautiful coat, but what they don’t do, no, what even the office is, every month they will consume a lot of energy, that is because they all have to coat. Mining, put a lot of mines and mining, which are energy consumption.

However, with the collapse of bitcoin, dig out the value of the cost of mining has been unable to cover, this is bitcoin mining machine breakdown cost, which has become a hot topic recently, boarded the micro-blog hot search.

Bitcoin mining machine with currency price languishing and suffered mine: some small and medium-sized mines but mine resale liquidation.

According to the number of online information display, after some small bitcoin mine mill hill of general waste heap in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of catty to sell scrap metal.

In micro-blog, WeChat friends, bitcoin forum platform, in recent days, losing a lot of speculators are but a “Starving people fill the land”. Even a senior game player said their circle of currency assets have a loss of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

Any market slump, will not be isolated.

While bitcoin wealth myth each coin circle of people have heard many, today, perhaps the real wealth creation is that several people, but this so-called rely on block chain technology, based on credible, based on fairness of encryption currency, eventually also became the harvesting machine.

Therefore, most of the time, even if the technology is innocent, is no evil, but who, can not escape the shackles of human nature.

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