Bitcoin “flash crash” after the mill by catty sale, one hundred thousand losses to the remaining two thousand people

Bitcoin “flash crash” after the mill by catty sale, have one hundred thousand losses to the remaining two thousand in the virtual currency market, quiet months of bitcoin in the past few days recently but give our virtual currency to the whole circle can be said to be one. Because in a few days ago, our bitcoin price is still at this level of around $6400. But let us never thought of what happened, in the last week, we bitcoin has shrunk by nearly Thirty-eight percent about the price. Until today morning, bitcoin is already below $4100, can be said to have hit the lowest since last year’s record.

According to foreign media reports, bitcoin bitcoin slump and breakdown of the two topics and its cost is a hot topic recently. Because we have bitcoin mining machine in the crash and the price of bitcoin has suffered the accident scene, many small and medium-sized mineral resources have begun to resell liquidation activities.

We can according to the information display read out, now many small bitcoin mining machine can be said to be the same with the hill after the abandoned heap in the yard, and even more people going to open in accordance with the pounds to sell. While micro-blog and WeChat’s circle of friends, we can see many bitcoin game player have started their own. Even some senior game player said their assets is almost to the edge of bankruptcy.

We all know that in the last year when bitcoin is ushered in its peak last year when bitcoin can be said to be expensive than gold, the price rose to $20 thousand. It can be said that the bitcoin game player who are crazy. We have heard about the news. It is a bitcoin game player spent 1 million bitcoins to buy a price of $25 in 10 when the pizza. At that time, we can calculate the value of bitcoin is only 0.25 cents. But none of us thought seven years even let bitcoin prices rose to $20 thousand.

While bitcoin is a history of one of the biggest asset bubble “. Although there may be a bubble glamorous, but eventually will be a reality to break. In this year, we will usher in a bitcoin plunged their model. But until today, compared with the peak period of the bitcoin price has fallen Qishiliuyi% a horror figure.

In fact, Xiaobian want to persuade you, bitcoin digital bubble eventually just hope that we can only recognize the reality, because some things it is only a virtual product, but the product may be in a virtual climb the peak, but we never know what is virtual products will usher in the next second. It is because it does not exist. We can only hope and cherish.

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