Bitcoin “flash crash”, life will be a gamble

What is not said, look at the pictures:

Bitcoin (BitCoin) in December 12, 2017 ushered in their vertex.

Then started to fall in 2018 on the whole, although there have been a wave, but Xiaobian that it is bitcoin dealer in dish, also called “culture goes before the cut chives leek”.

In 2010, a $25 pizza buyers spent 10 thousand bitcoins, the equivalent of a bitcoin worth 0.25 cents. But in 2017, it was seven years after the price soared 4 million times. Some people even called bitcoin (more than the Dutch “tulip mania” and the “South China Sea company fraud”) an asset bubble in the largest in the history of mankind.

The bubble end is empty.

Life is like a gamble, gambling, no winner forever!

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