Bitcoin flash crash machine on the pounds sale? Secret history reveals why a person just bitcoin bubble

Today many people believe that the social circle are “coins” “machine” and other words to refresh it, all bitcoin flash collapse, mining the catty sale news is full of the whole network, the bitcoin news flash crash was a lively May none of my business for ordinary people, and for the money in the “coin circle” investors and a shocking news is. At the same time all kinds of bitcoin just bubble talk once again swept the entire social circle, then rise and controversy bitcoin what is going on? Today we have a grilled steak in history.

In fact, the real origin of bitcoin or rise from the Internet just Daxing era, decades before the United States assembled a large number of elite scientists with the Internet just Daxing developed a called “onion” software, the software was originally developed in the United States hostile countries implicitly support opposition forces in the underground, named onion refers to its general protection system like onion peel it off one layer at a layer. But I do not know what the reason, the United States discloses called onion software, which is publicly opened Pandora’s box.

I believe that the term “dark net” a lot of people are not unfamiliar, in front of the network time past the “dark heat” also let a lot of people familiar with the never heard before a noun. After the onion released criminals in the dark network soon found an opportunity, they use the onion to protect themselves up and this has resulted in the dark net illegal industry energetically, all kinds of drugs, guns and even the killer, human trafficking and other illegal doctrines have hidden in the dark with onion net.

But although these illegal transactions hidden both information in the network are difficult to be seized by the police, but after the transaction in cash flow is inevitable, as long as enough patience at Bank of these transactions is still inevitable by the police cracked, this situation until these criminals found the existence of bitcoin. Bitcoin appeared in the holder to buy a piece of pizza will need tens of thousands of bitcoin, but no matter how small bitcoin value, as long as it is valuable in itself can be used for the transaction, the dark network of criminals who tread on air so bitcoin, has become the best partner of natural dark network.

It can be said bitcoin initial rise of the dark network play a crucial role in which, after have a bitcoin transaction, both parties no longer need to produce cash flow in reality and the police in this way is almost at a loss what to do. Then it all again and the rise and fall of bitcoin have what relation? Why many people have urged the world away from bitcoin, including being called Warren Buffett? In fact, all still to start talking.

Although the bitcoin virtual currency as the representative of the early has not only for the dark net transaction but as a new investment exists, but it is undeniable that the rise of bitcoin and the maximum value for its existence is still dark network service. There is the Daxing dark network by the United States open “onion”, because it was made if the onion technique has been cracked (some people even think that American public onion is a conspiracy), the dark network was again hit a tepid situation or even completely abandoned so bit now the national currency can maintain the state cult? It is not realistic.

More importantly, the United States also holds the largest victim of the dark network and the invention of onion, announced the dual identity of hard not to fall into a reverie, which is why the dark network conspiracy theory, bitcoin conspiracy theory such as voice since the date of the Daxing has never really disappeared for fundamental reasons. The final outcome may really only time will prove everything.

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