Bitcoin foundation and former executive director added bitcoin company Cubits

Bitcoin foundation and former executive director added bitcoin company Cubits

Cubits is called the “European bitcoin portal” is a bitcoin bitcoin transaction and instant storage company. New users to buy bitcoin only three steps above the Cubits, in addition to the United States, the platform can accept 17 national currencies.

Now people in growing demand for bitcoin. With the increase of the eurozone uncertainty, more and more people are looking for alternative currency, bitcoin is one of.

Cubits CEO Tim Reed (Tim Rehder) said?:

In recent months, we have seen tremendous growth in bitcoin demand. The more people do not trust the euro more, so they are looking for other ways to achieve a personal control of the funds, Cubits could meet their needs.”

Cubits recently carried out the company’s development goals, to serve the entire European consumer market as the goal. The company updated website interface, can provide fast authentication function. In addition to the web interface to update, Cubits also ushered in the bitcoin foundation, former executive director Jon? Matt Kniss (Jon Matonis) to join.

Jon is the former executive director of the bitcoin foundation, has rich experience in administrative management. Jon was in Japan Sumitomo Bank (Sumitomo Bank), and served as chief executive officer of Hushmail Visa, the chief of foreign exchange traders, so he in the traditional financial sector and the bitcoin industry have deep knowledge and experience.

Cubits founder Julian (Julian Mautner) said Mo?:

“We welcome Jon to join our board of directors. After we can share their opinion in the financial industry chain block technology as the foundation, Jon’s experience and insights will be very valuable to the development of our company.”

Jon said: “I chose to join the Cubits, because I see their team has the correct development mode.”

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