Bitcoin futures closed two weeks third times to close a new low of $3600

In December 6th, the two major US exchange’s bitcoin futures contracts fell to about 3%-5%, hovering 3600 dollars, after the third day since November 23rd, a record low, last week, down about 6%, even a five week, and November, down about 37%.

CME, the world’s largest futures exchange and CME bitcoin futures BTC, fell about 2.83% to $3600 in January, closing down about 3.52% to $3705 and over 5.87% last week.

The Cboe bitcoin futures contract of the United States’ largest option exchange, XBT January contract fell about 5.47% to $3587.5, the 5 day fell more than 1.12%, closed at $3795, and fell by about 6.09% last week.

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