Bitcoin futures even break Yindie $4000, 11 month fell 37%

When the chain (micro signal: ChainDD 12) April 1 news, 11 U.S. time September 30, both the American Stock Exchange bitcoin futures contract fell below $4000, the second consecutive day fell, as of 26 Japan Week consecutive days received a record low last week, tired and fell to about 6%, or even 5 weeks, 11 tired and fell to about 37% months.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC futures January contract fell about 5.87%, to close at $3930, down 29, about 2.57%, to close at $4175, this week was down more than 5.87 in November, down about 37.07%.

The largest U.S. options exchange bitcoin Cboe futures XBT 1 month contract fell about 3.91%, closing at $3935, 29 fell about 3.42%, closing at $4095 this week, tired and fell to about 6.09%, 11 months fell more than 37.09.

When the App display market chain, such as currency exchange bitcoin on most USDT spot price around $4000, 24 hours of tired and fell nearly 7%.

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