Bitcoin futures fell below $4200, the end of the two rising

When the chain (micro signal: ChainDD) 11 month 30 days, the time of 11 months above 29, bitcoin futures contract fell two U.S. exchange at least 2.5%, fell below $4200, closing up 28 days more than 15% on the $4200 mark, closing up two days in a row, after two consecutive days a record low last week, fell more than 20% tired, falling around.

The world’s largest futures exchange, the United States Chicago Institute (CME) bitcoin BTC futures January contract fell about 2.57%, to close at $4175, closed up 28, about 15.82%, to close at $4285, down more than 23.04% tired last week.

The largest U.S. options exchange Cboe XBT bitcoin futures January contract fell about 3.42%, to close at $4095, closed up 28, more than 15.06%, to close at $4240, down about 22.66% tired last week.

When the App display market chain, such as currency exchange bitcoin on most USDT spot price is above $4200, 24 hours tired fell more than 0.1%.

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