Bitcoin gangster and fire just when the CO CEO male shore technology rose nearly 20%

Source: Chinese Fund Report

Chinese fund newspaper reporter Wang Yuanye

2 months ago, when micro-blog announced that it will take years seriously to “Chinese bitcoin richest” to Lee, after 2 months to find a new job.

In December 3rd, a Hongkong listed company case male technology announced that Li Xiaolai will serve as executive director of the joint and the male shore technology CEO. It is reported that Li Xiaolai is responsible for the main business for the construction of stable monetary system and related digital block chain technology application projects. Today just opened, the male shore technology stock quickly pulled up, rose up nearly 20%.

Li Xiaolai served as executive director of the joint and the male shore technology CEO

12 3, the male shore Technology Group Limited announced that Li Xiaolai served as executive director, male bank science and Technology Co CEO, is mainly responsible for the stability of digital currency system (focus on the international mainstream currency), based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) and trusted execution environment (TEE) project of various technologies to establish public database other companies involved, as well as other relevant application block chain technology project.

However, this announcement is not clear to the future salary and tenure of li.

The male shore technology by the Hong Kong stock listed company SHIS Limited was renamed to.

Public data shows, SHIS Limited completed in March 20, 2017 listed on the Hongkong stock exchange, the main business is to provide comprehensive services and real estate in Singapore to undertake the construction project, currently intends to develop new business in the block chain and financial technology sector, including operation, maintenance and management of the block chain technology, data centers and other high performance data processing facility operation, digital asset trading platform and provide strategic consulting services chain block.

This year 5 months, male bank fund founding partner Yao Yongjie fission capital chairman Teng Rongsong agreement to acquire SHISLimited total 72.29% stake, the total price of HK $653 million (about 530 million yuan), followed by the price of HK $0.87 / share launched a tender offer. In July this year, SHIS LTD announced that the board of Directors recommended that the company English name from “SHISLimited” changed to “GrandshoresTechnologyGroup Limited”, and adopted the name “Chinese male shore Technology Group Limited company” as the name of double. The Board believes that the proposed change of company name will be able to better reflect a group of current business development status and future direction of development.

The male shore fund spokesman Li Chen in a media inquiry, said, do not rule out the possibility after the injection of quality assets block chain and artificial intelligence, do not rule out the possibility of male bank fund founding partner Li Xiaolai and the future of the company.

According to the latest science and technology released November 30th earnings of male bank, as of September 30, 2018, the male shore technology within 6 months of revenue to 22 million 500 thousand Singapore dollars, about 113 million yuan, down 10.7%; within 6 months of gross profit of 7 million 300 thousand Singapore dollars, about 36 million 800 thousand yuan, with a year-on-year decline of 3.8%.

It is worth noting that the report shows that the block chain business is still in the preparatory stage, the development and application has not yet started, there is no specific capital expenditure.

Lee to person: “Chinese bitcoin’s richest man”

The male shore technology announcement information display, Li Xiaolai has rich block chain industry investment experience of investors, graduated from Changchun University and received a degree in accounting of industrial enterprises, but not the male Bank Global Innovation Fund “blockchain billion male founder of bank fund investment company INBlock chain founder also focused on the promotion of development of the global chain block.

In fact, Li Xiaolai has a lot of labels, New Oriental English lecturer, best-selling author, who, according to Li Xiaolai, he and Luo Yonghao, the founder of the hammer technology is small, and the two is the same as the New Oriental former colleagues. Before 2011, through lectures, selling books, Lee to save four million, then he was best known as the “richest man is Chinese bitcoin”. To block chain bitcoin investment underlying technology is spreading all over the world, only a few Chinese caught the first chance of riches, Li Xiaolai is one of the representatives of the.

Li Xiaolai is how to enter the coin circle? In 2011, it inadvertently see bitcoin and the price of $1 on a social network, bitcoin more than $1. Li Xiaolai was astonished, “what actually is also expensive than the dollar”. He spent half the time on that “to buy 2100 coins”. In July 2011, bitcoin has risen to $25. Li Xiaolai decided to sell 3/4 (2000) of bitcoin, with the price to buy more cards to earn. However, “mining” didn’t bring him a good income, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

But he did not give up bitcoin bitcoin skyrocketing enthusiasm, 2013 is a year, appeared just 4 years later, the single price up to $more than 1300. CCTV news channel in a program, Li Xiaolai as a senior game player bitcoin appearance, and claims to have “six digit” bitcoin, and the first digit is 1.

The richest man in the name of bitcoin spread like wildfire. The same year, Li Xiaolai founded bit fund, focusing on the field of Internet related angel investment. Enterprise early warning through the display, Li Xiaolai as a legal person, shareholders or executives of the companies up to 70.

2017 years, Li Xiaolai himself involved in the ICO project, there are relatively well-known public trust treasure, quantum chain, linden, EOS etc..

Recording door after claiming to be a few years to retire

The outbreak of this recording incident put Li Xiaolai on the in the teeth of the storm.

In July this year, a private conversation recording Li Xiaolai was exposed, and caused “the recording door” incident, the “cut leek” has become the most idiosyncratic individual labels.

This section is open to a more than 50 minute conversation included Li Xiaolai and EOS to the etheric Fang mainstream digital currencies views and their success in bull and bear markets investment strategy, and a number of well-known figures in the industry and well-known projects in derogatory. Li Xiaolai then responded in an interview, “recording told the truth that I cut chives is out of thin air”, he further said, “what is the leek? Money is the leek, money is the dealer? I think this is probably not understand the currency market circle the idea. In the traditional stock market may be a banker and leek exists, but that in the currency circle is very difficult, because the transaction is in the currency circle twenty-four hours trading, there are more than 10000 global trading platform, a coin has landed in more than one trading platform, so do the difficulty is too high.”

Recording door that Li Xiaolai called a target for all. After the siege, Li Xiaolai for a long time in self predicament. He spent two weeks, quickly wrote a book “self-cultivation” shows that the leek, book is “leek advanced road, Survival Guide” to each entry, intended to open their own investment principles.

Shortly thereafter, Li Xiaolai was involved in the original and fast founder Chen Weixing’s war of words, and resigned as managing partner of the male shore fund positions. In September this year, micro-blog released Li Xiaolai said, for a few years to switch.

2 months later, Li Xiaolai served as executive director of the joint and the male shore technology CEO.

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