Bitcoin group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange

Bitcoin group is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange


The Australian Stock Exchange will usher in the second listed companies – BitcoinGroup (bitcoin bitcoin group).

Bitcoin group hopes to raise 20 million dollars to the public offering of 100 million shares at a price of 20 cents per share ($13868000) of funds. The company is expected to be officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in November this year.

The first company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange is DigitalBTC, DigitalBtc is a company engaged in bitcoin mining business of the company, due to decline in the price of bitcoin, the gradual transformation of bitcoin transactions, the development of the retail business and consumers for various applications. DigitalBtc in 2014 June for the first time on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to “DigitalCC” company debut.

Bitcoin Group Chairman Andrew? Plimpton (AndrewPlympton) said, the number of the company bitcoin current daily production accounted for the global production bitcoin number of 1.57%, and a bitcoin mining equipment in 6 places Chinese and Iceland.

To raise funds will have about 18 million Australian dollars ($12524400) into bitcoin mining equipment.

In addition, bitcoin group is highly dependent on the China mining business. Bitcoin Mining Group expects its business is the whole network will reach 13.4%, according to the price of $400 per bitcoin to estimate.

Listed on the road twists and turns of bitcoin group, the launch date has been repeatedly delayed, but CEO SamLee said, regulators also to ensure that investors get more detailed information.

He said:

As the industry’s first bitcoin IPO listed companies, there is no doubt that we have established a model.”

“We understand the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)’s duty is to protect the interests of investors in Australia, so they need to understand our unique business model. We are very grateful to ASIC in support of our paid work, help us to ensure that our prospectus can more accurately reflect the bitcoin group’s current and future development.”

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