Bitcoin hacker was arrested in Hongkong faced 14 years imprisonment

Bitcoin hacker was arrested in Hongkong faced 14 years imprisonment


A case involving hackers, extortion and bitcoin case suspects arrested in Hongkong. A 30 year old computer technical staff had been detained in connection with the two travel agency network attack. This risked years of imprisonment, theft of customer personal data for ransom, tour operators are required to pay 1 coins to redeem the customer information.

If you want to come back, send bitcoin

20 thousand the customer’s name, ID number, phone number and passport details are part of sensitive information. Hacking BigLineHoliday and GoldjoyHolidays company reported their computer in January 1st and 2nd. They told the police, they received an unknown prisoner email, who asked to pay 1 coins ($15 thousand) for ransom.

According to the “South China Morning Post” reported that the Hongkong network security and technology crime investigation department (CSTCB) officials raided an apartment located in Changzhou Island, and arrested the man. In this operation, the police seized two desktop computer, two laptop computer, a tablet computer, three hard and five mobile phone. On Monday, they also accompanied the suspect to his workplace in Kowloon, collect more evidence. He was the local media described as “IT” workers “, a computer technician”. The “standard” newspaper reported that the man on Saturday evening January 6th in Changzhou home handcuffed.

These institutions on New Year’s Day was hacked, allegedly for an attacker to exploit security vulnerabilities in their web site. Soon after, the company received an e-mail and told bitcoin sent to a new address. A police source told the “South China Morning Post” said the extortion letter the author threatened if they don’t pay the ransom, their customer’s personal data will be published on the Internet on Saturday. Network Security Bureau agent after checking thousands of log on the server, successfully identified the attacker’s IP address and back to the suspect.

No bitcoin, no ransom, no problem

No sensitive information is lost, because it is actually locked, not stolen. The police arrested before hackers ransom deadline. The suspect has not been charged, because investigators are still on him for questioning, and collect information about the judicial identification of hardware and software. As part of the ongoing investigation, law enforcement officials did not rule out further arrests may. CSTCB SwalikhMohammed said the person in charge of extortion is a serious crime, the maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. He also warned:

The network world is not a lawless place. Applicable to the real world of law is also applicable to the internet.”

The two travel agencies have been hacking apology to the customers, and promised to take measures to improve network security. A representative of Goldjoy said the company was pleased to be so quickly arrested the suspect. He insisted that, after the new security upgrade, data storage is unlikely to be hacked again. BigLine announced that, taken in the damage immediately after measures. Government officials warned that the network safety improvement funds nearly $1 million 300 thousand for the tourism industry of small and medium enterprises.

Personnel supervision in Hongkong expressed concern about the privacy of sensitive information may be stolen events. Privacy Commissioner WongKai-yi said: “as a data user, travel agencies should take all reasonable security measures to protect customer’s personal data.”

The latest incident is actually “bitcoin blackmail” series of second sets. Last November, one of the travel agencies — the world’s largest global travel agency (WorldwidePackageTravelService) announced that its customer database was hacked. About 200 thousand people including credit card numbers, personal information by hackers locked. Globe travel by unidentified blackmailer to bitcoin payment seven digit ransom. The company reported to the police, their experts manage to decrypt the data, but no one has been arrested.

In the above two cases, without any financial information loss report.

According to local media quoted data, only in 2016, Hongkong network security department has recorded nearly 6000 of Internet crimes. Since the agency was founded in 2005 years, record financial losses estimated at nearly $295 million.

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