Bitcoin has become the mainstream of world currency ready?

Bitcoin has become the mainstream of world currency ready?

Bitcoin is changing the payment and economic environment. Although bitcoin for many people is still very mysterious and confusing, but there are indications that bitcoin almost every day more legitimate. This is not only reflected in the technology circle, but also in the mainstream.

In a report of Goldman Sachs, bitcoin is reported to have the potential to reshape the financial industry, this is mainly because the way of monetary liquidity dispersion. If it is not enough that the recent New Hampshire lawmakers proposed a bill that can make the state accept bitcoin payment and tax.

But in order to make bitcoin really to the public, it needs to be integrated into our daily service. In fact, the common goal of many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies is to make bitcoin domain Wataru more widely, have more application services.

Coinbase, a consumer friendly bitcoin wallet and payment platform

The $106 million of investor funds support, Coinbase has recently opened the first bitcoin trading platform. American consumers can buy or sell bitcoin in Coinbase, Coinbase in turn can represent the customers to buy bitcoin in other trading platforms and shops. The company has been in cooperation with other companies, such as Time Inc, DELL, played by media and bitcoin exchange cash, promoting bitcoin purchase.

Coinbase is also in the foreign exchange market, hoping to provide legal security and other foreign competitors do not. Mt. Gox, a trading platform in Japan, has handled 70% bitcoin transactions. In 2014, Mt. Gox because the hacker attacks the loss of nearly $500 million, finally go bankrupt. In February 2015, a British trading platform Bitstamp in the wallet system is compromised, a loss of $5 million.

Coinbase is trying to win the support of the government and promote their safety to reduce these fears. It took about a year to produce a satisfactory regulator, and that customer bitcoin security will not be stolen.

Bitrated – a payment service in trust on bitcoin

In the transaction, trust third party (trust agent) to resolve disputes or fraud to withdraw payment, Bitrated uses multi signature. At least 2/3 signatures to unlock payment: Sellers, buyers or trust agent signature. If the buyer to buy goods or services with buyers and sellers can unlock the payment, without involvement of agents. If you are not satisfied with the trust agent for arbitration, and collect fees. If the agent and the seller will pay the same position; and if the buyer agreed temporarily by the third party save bitcoin will be returned to the buyer.

Using this system, the agent cannot abscond, due to the payment of a fixed address, the agent needs to make any decision for buyers and sellers to verify.

In addition, Bitrated for each user a bitcoin trading fraction, this fraction depends on their performance in the Internet (Facebook, twitter, Reddit, led the British and so on), the trust relationship in bitcoin trading platform with friends and ratings of past transactions. These together, the bitcoin trading points, this can decide who is worth to trust transaction.

BlockTrail, a building for developers and security companies bitcoin infrastructure

BlockTrail is one of America’s leading bitcoin application interface and developer platform. It can be a senior trade, can enjoy economic data transmission precision machine. However, in addition to security, BlockTrail wants to use bitcoin economy better use of tools, simplify the process of daily bitcoin users.

BlockTrail Slack, a popular cooperation information platform, with the company on the platform bitcoin tip a consumer to establish”. Now, any time you want to use the tips to reward others to do a good job, entered the company through the platform, or to buy a bar of chocolate in the vending machine to a colleague instead of payment, you don’t need to change around. All bitcoin and Slack on the tip of payment.

TipperCoin – one can get you through Twitter tip service

If you love someone on twitter said, TipperCoin can provide a reward of others make you an easy job to do in the above. This is conducive to the dissemination of news about bitcoin, and can promote the use of bitcoin as a payment mechanism. The whole process is very simple, in no time you can understand how to operate. However, the digital currency has not yet developed into a system, it’s not like you can effortlessly the money thrown into the tip jar others — no matter where you go.

Although there are a lot of work needs to be done, but in the bitcoin space for innovation and entrepreneurship is very significant. For bitcoin will not be recognized as the mainstream currency remains unclear. The fate of bitcoin depends on whether we can find it beyond the traditional currency value.

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