Bitcoin has experienced ten years of wind and rain, the “bubble” will eventually burst, and the greatest loss will be who?

Bitcoin, believe that the name we are not unfamiliar, this is a virtual world named Nakamoto invented currency, in recent years, it can be said that upsets the financial world roaring waves. The earliest time, bitcoin no no attention, only a small part of it as a game, started to dig it, but gradually, more and more people involved, especially the bitcoin and its difficult algorithm, is to let a lot of people fell in love with the fair currency. Until last year, bitcoin began full-blown, annual bitcoin prices continued to rise, eventually up to 20 thousand $a network money available, but bitcoin and nobody can guarantee its value, it is a demand of the market cost of the currency, so when such a high price, and no one can guarantee the real price, is facing a disaster bitcoin game player, bitcoin prices will be like a roller coaster, began to decline, from the beginning of this year, bitcoin prices fell to fifteen thousand from 20 thousand, ten thousand, eight thousand, six thousand is coming, and now less than $four thousand, but also with its own comprehensive bitcoin explain what called yixieqianli.

But for our people, fortunately, when China surged in the bitcoin, knew the outcome, bitcoin transactions ban, also do not recognise their currency status. It also makes a lot of people want to invest money network, lost the idea, but among them, there is a small number of people in the play is certainly, but for this group of people, we are incapable of action.

Among them, in China, bitcoin damage is smaller, but in countries such as Japan and South Korea, bitcoin harm is enormous, in their country, many businesses are allowed to use bitcoin transactions, but with the decline in the price of bitcoin, and it may cause them to do is lose money trading, and Japan and South Korea, once had a crush on bitcoin, many people even sell a car to sell to buy currency, and currency prices, they may also represent homeless, and among them, the greatest impact is the bitcoin group at the end of last year to start bitcoin, bitcoin if after all from the most expensive to buy. By now, their wealth has shrunk by 80%. Therefore, for bitcoin this kind of special items, we still cautious good investment.

For bitcoin, what do you think?

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