Bitcoin has returned to 4200 U.S. dollars, miners mood is like a roller coaster

The virtual currency bitcoin has returned to pick up, 4200 dollars, such fluctuations make diggers mood like a roller coaster.

The number of virtual currency exchange, and other digital currency bitcoin prices have begun to rise generally. The bitcoin rose more than $4200, or more than 10%. In addition to bitcoin, Ethernet and Wright currency prices rose more than 10%, $118 and $34.5.

Last November, bitcoin topped $10 thousand mark, as of the end of December last year, bitcoin trading volume of nearly $20 thousand. From the beginning of 2018 year, bitcoin prices peaked at around $17150. 11 June 14, bitcoin fell below $6000. 11 on the morning of 20, bitcoin fell below $5000, at $4300. So far, the decline has been more than 75%.

According to TechWeb, the encryption of money market in the past week lost about $40 billion. Collapse of digital currency directly through S7, M3, T9 and other mainstream mine’s production cost, the largest U.S. miners Djiza Watt also declared bankruptcy.

It is generally believed that the bitcoin BCH bifurcation is the result of hard cash digital currency collapse fuse. In addition, the main factors of strict supervision, the exchange rate is not stable and bear market investor sentiment is caused by fluctuations in the price of digital currency. The virtual currency can see?

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