Bitcoin have a future? Fall behind, hidden opportunity or trap?

Bitcoin have a future? Fall behind, hidden opportunity or trap?

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! Bitcoin currency, as most ring with astronomical digital currency can be said to be proud of, let a person not coin circle of people’s shock, can be said to be very attractive attention, I believe many people don’t know bitcoin because the price of bitcoin, but to slowly understand it.

However, bitcoin has always been very mysterious existence, whether it is called Nakamoto So, or its price, is elusive, because in the absence of bitcoin before, no one will believe there will be a nonexistent virtual thing, from a worthless, a high price it can be said is true, is a crazy move, however, bitcoin price really comes from the so-called block chain technology? Or it can have what the real meaning?

In fact, about the price of bitcoin, there is great controversy, believe that bitcoin people think bitcoin is the investment value, but do not believe that bitcoin people, I still feel bitcoin is not worth a hair, what talent is? Perhaps the time to prove! We can only gradually through the passage of time to really understand a thing is the final conclusion.

As early as 2017, when bitcoin soared, some people will be touted bitcoin rose to 200 thousand dollars, when does the peak of $20 thousand, but the final price of everyone is obvious to people, fell all the way, whether the investment value, we can clearly recognize the reason some people, touted bitcoin way, said bitcoin can rise to hundreds of thousands or even millions of the price, but from the soaring, I found that is not the case, because the transaction is not selling large quantities of words, will not form a collapse of the trend, with the stock market is a reason.

However, 2017 prices plummeted once, but recently once again plunged, many believe that bitcoin price myth, began to have suspicions, whether there is a real investment value? If you really have investment value, why money ring people still have a lot of selling? The reason for this is very obvious, if you really think bitcoin will rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars of the price, it should be all the trouble belt, do not eat or drink should be preserved until bitcoin, rose to high, and then shot, obviously, people began to analyze the feature the coin with suspicion, or do not trust, which leads to a lot of selling.

There are a lot of people still kept saying bitcoin how the future will be how, after the 2017 spike, said 2018 will rise 2018, after the crash, said the 2019 will rise, this is what kind of mental state? Naked is a gambler, always to think in a good direction, but in the past, bitcoin is not worth a hair from the price rise, the future will not fall to not worth a hair? This is worth pondering, in the end, bitcoin myth, still can continue, is just a mystery, fall behind in the end is the opportunity, or a trap, all need to deliberate.

For the future of bitcoin, what is your opinion? The comments below express your views! Make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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