Bitcoin historic 8 transactions, “10000 BTC pizza” ranked third

Bitcoin transactions are not what special day, BTC and BCH on the network will have 300 thousand deals. But sometimes, a common transaction will be of historic significance. These bitcoin transactions can be viewed in any browser, and is always in the public ledger.

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Bitcoin blockchain history

Are equal in the eyes of the miners all bitcoin transactions, as long as enough additional costs, either the sender or receiver who is, or how much trading bitcoin does not make a difference to them. So far the bitcoin network produced a total of more than 360 million transactions, this paper only introduces the 8 pen.

1. first bitcoin transactions

The first bitcoin transactions sent between two people, is the only known by Nakamoto send transaction. The event occurred in 1 months 2009 years 12, Nakamoto in 170 to Hal block height Finney sent 50 bitcoins. Like many early trading, the transaction cost is 0 bitcoin.

Between the 2. and the first bitcoin currency trading

In October 12, 2009, the Finland developer Martti Malmi to the sale price of $5.02 5050 BTC. The only way to get bitcoins at that time by mining, which was a reward for each piece of 50 bitcoin reward.

3. pizza event

Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10000 bitcoins to buy pizza event is very famous, even no coins are also know this thing. The details do not need to repeat, we only record on the block chain legend trading interest: the deal is located in block 57043 high, it records the transaction in May 22, 2010 10000.99 BTC. The 0.99 BTC is used to pay the expenses of the miners, which is equivalent to 4191 bytes per Cong.

A huge volume of 4. in Mentougou

When most bitcoin whale wants to demonstrate that they have a particular bitcoin address, they will from this address to send a micro transactions, as long as a few Cong can prove the money. Mt. Gox (Mentougou) CEO Mark Karpeles has a different idea, when asked to prove some money in his custody, he showed strength, from a wallet address he control to another address to a large number of bitcoins.

Leaked IRC log display Karpeles sent 442000 bitcoins, and block chain records also confirmed the occurrence of this transaction. In June 23, 2011, in a deal, 442 thousand bitcoins are sent to another address.

5. huge transaction costs

In 2013, a frustrated user asked at Reddit:

Hi, I enter the transaction fee is too high, what method can prevent the transaction confirmation?

The amount of the transaction occurred in May 16, 2013 for the 98 bitcoin transactions, additional 30 bitcoin miners fee, cost per byte result is as high as 6 million 800 thousand Cong. Finally, to confirm the transaction pool to return the 7.5 coins, some comfort to the generous fees paid.

Incidentally, this is not the highest bitcoin transaction fees. In August 2013, someone sent with 200 bitcoin miners fee transactions, and the fee pool eventually returned in good faith. 2016 was also sent a sum of 0.0001 bitcoin transactions, and comes with 291 bitcoin miners fee.

6. bitcoin false murder

In March 31, 2013, operators of “Silk Road terrorist pirate Roberts to send the user” red “1607 bitcoins for a fee, extortion dark network market who were assassinated. The assassination attempt did not succeed, but the two sides agreed to a $150 thousand deal was successful. The deal with 322639 confirmed without rollback.

7. U.S. marshals held the Silk Road auction

In July 1, 2014, the U.S. marshals auction from the Silk Road seized assets, nearly 30 thousand bitcoins were auctioned to the winning bidder. The winner is Tim Draper, and about 1800 million dollar auction price proved to be a very smart investment.

Hacking 8.Bitstamp

There are many bitcoin transactions can be linked to one of the most notorious repute of the hacker, is 2015 years Bitstamp stolen nearly 20 thousand bitcoins.

Because the value of bitcoin many times higher than 2009 years to 2015 years, striking deals are less common, but the event still has news value. In the past two weeks, coins arranged between the two wallet address sent a total of more than 100 thousand gold coins attracted the attention of people, at the same time hard bifurcation BCH in November 15th on the eve of their BCH address for a total of 1 million bitcoins cash transfer. As a result of the transaction must be carried out in the chain, and there is no privacy veil, feel the charm of bitcoin believers will never block normal trading chain.

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