Bitcoin in Chinese this 7 years, prices rose 600 times, the five exchanges closed 1 home 4

The | small rhinoceros finance Zhang Zexiang | Ming Bian In 2011, bitcoin Chinese founded, this is the first domestic bitcoin exchange, here is the starting point of many coin circle chiefs to wealth of The Freedom Trail. 6 years later, when the horse bolted when bitcoin, ICO activities like a raging fire, supervision of a ban, so once ICO completely extinguishing rash and too much in haste. In September 4, 2017 Chinese people’s Bank and other seven ministries jointly issued “on the issue of financing risk prevention token notice”, the notice will be IC0 for “illegal financial activities”, and ordering in the date of the announcement, ICO ban on new projects, projects to limit the stock return. All the IC0 token trading platform are required to clean up to close the transaction. Several virtual currency trading platform is not engaged in IC0 has been incorporated into the cleaning scope, time closed. The once mighty ICO project was quickly halted, the blockchain preacher coffee garage disappeared, the size of the exchange have staged the Jedi Battle Royale, a prominent figure, or go home, or at any time will be ready to “national exchange”. The blockchain activity center also with the name from Beijing, scattered all over the world. For bitcoin In 2011, Yang Linke and Huang Xiaoyu founded the bitcoin China, this is Chinese within the first bitcoin exchange, before this, bitcoin even the names are not Chinese, Yang Linke and Huang Xiaoyu two people decided to discuss the Bitcoin bitcoin, then spread. That year Yang Linke is only 26 years old, and relatives opened hotel in Beijing to earn some money, get married and have children after the start of steam equipment production and sales, and every large bath boss on the wine table tuibeihuanzhan.

Yanglinke Faint clue, V vein trinidad. The same is in 2011 years, Li Xiaolai is still new to teach English, just heard of bitcoin this thing began to hoard money; Xue Manzi has not been Chaoyang masses, but unfortunately he had cancer, a cancer fighter, update their anti cancer experience in micro-blog every day; long sword is a science fiction the writer, a confused message to students in no open enrollment almost know, let him 6000 yuan handle all buy into bitcoin, then forget about it, five years later; Chen Weixing in the development of mobile phone games, taxi wars has not erupted; Li Lin in thousands of war in the United States Mission fiasco Xu, star still Douding network with broken halberds defeat; when CTO; master Bao sell beef in Pingyao…… All the future will because bitcoin flourishes at this time of a few “conventions”. To 2013 years, things began to change for the first time, bitcoin prices exceeded $1000, and from $10 rise. In April 10th, bitcoin trading volume China reached 28600, the bitcoin China ushered in the match. Li Lin first admission, September 2013 officially launched the fire currency, bitcoin prices are still on the run, from 800 yuan / gold soared to 8000 yuan / piece, announced the fire coins network jumped from permanent transaction fees China become the largest bitcoin trading platform. Media reports suggest that the fire coins online line 9 days, single day trading volume of 100 million yuan; on-line 50 day, single day trading breakthrough 1000 million yuan; on-line 180 days, daily turnover exceeded 15 billion yuan. In February 25, 2014, fire currency net single day trading volume of more than 260 thousand bitcoin, single day trading volume of 1 billion yuan, was created a global trading platform record. Fire coins into the Bureau after 1 months, Xu star announced the establishment of OKcoin, and get a million dollars A round of financing, the investor behind in addition to large investment institutions, as well as Mito chairman Cai Wensheng, serves network co-founder Huang Jin, CSDN founder Jiang Tao, Chinese youth Angel President Yang Ning, Pre-Angel founder Wang Lijie Lei Feng, founder of Lin Jun and a number of angel investors. Not long after, Xu Mingxing drew and Zhao Changpeng Ho, composed of iron triangle combination, over half the time, Xu Mingxing Zhao Changpeng parents, Zhao Changpeng home, founded in June 2017. Currency. Then what a la Zhao Changpeng occupation into the live arena, join a technology, but before long, he announced to join a currency, the former iron triangle meet on the battleground. Leaving Beijing The eye looks prosperous, can never leave the supervision of bitcoin. In early December 5, 2013, Chinese people’s Bank and other five ministries issued “notice” on guard against the risk of bitcoin, bitcoin has no clear legal status as legal tender, can not and should not be used as currency in circulation market.

Over 4 years 2017 years ICO activities intensified, put a night drama, also let many investors lose everything, leaving all the tears. Until September 4th, ICO issued a ban, supervision of the red line is designated, the end to escape. In “3 9`4”, an open coin currency trading, OKcoin is a couple of months ago, fire currency is one month in advance, by coin trading loopholes, the home has been a brief respite. Yang Linke now also did not want to understand, why the three potential so accurate judgment of the situation. Time does not allow him to think clearly, in response to regulatory policy, bitcoin China stopped all transactions on 30 August 9. At this time, before the introduction of the policy has been to the flesh over the wall in the Japanese currency ande Jedi survive in escape; OKcoin is the stove in the name of OKEx in Belize back; the fire coins staged his art, divided into five, including fire coins global professional station, fire currency Korea, fire currency China, fire coin purse, global currency dollar station. Among them, the fire coins will be transformed into China block chain vertical field research and comprehensive information service platform, fire and fire currency currency Korea global dollar will continue to provide the legal tender of the local station digital currency digital asset trading services. The new battlefield of Malta Zhao Changpeng went to Japan, and no more security. In March 2018, sitting in the small office in Tokyo Zhao Changpeng received an ultimatum: if Japan’s financial services agency in Japan does not stop the business platform, will take measures. According to Japanese media said, the financial department is attempting to create a crypto currency trading environment health. After the Japanese regulators have already released the corresponding policy, April 2017, Japan revised the “capital settlement law”, one of the most important achievement is acknowledged the legitimacy of bitcoin, but also stipulates that only registered companies and registered for “license” business in japan. This is an important policy to promote the development of the Japanese currency encryption. But at the same time, this article also includes many basic denial of currency, not registered enterprise security compliance encryption in local currency trading. At this time, currency relocation is imminent. This time Zhao Changpeng and a focus on the Mediterranean country in Malta. At the end of March 2018, Anne coins removed to Malta, and announced plans to recruit more than 200 employees working for money security. In the high-profile Zhao Changpeng into Malta, Xu star and his OKEx also focus here. In April, OKEx officially announced that it will expand to Malta, and the Malta government management and supervision of leaders, a detailed understanding of their legislative and regulatory plan, and provide written feedback and open dialogue. 3 months later, OKEx announced that it will move from Belize to Malta registered.

At present, announced its entry into the Malta exchange currency in addition to Ann and OKEx, and Poland’s largest digital currency exchange Bitbay, Germany block chain financing platform Neufund. Zhao Changpeng to face the media has said that the currency security settled in Malta, there are more than 20 block chain institutions have entered Malta, all this like the 1785 Welsh Robert Owen opened the new Lanark cotton factory. Malta is an island, but the blockchain ambition never disguised. Foreign media have reported that in July the global two-way function against currency bitcoin ATM machine is installed in Malta, this small Mediterranean country has become a worthy of the name Block Island chain. In early May 2017, Malta will turn Malta into embrace block chain technology “blockchain island” as a national development strategy. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said at the time of Malta to become the leading national idea block chain technology. Malta is actively building a complete ecological chain block, as of now, the Malta government has announced three legislative proposals, which are the Malta digital innovation act (MDIA), the authority of technology and Service Providers Act (TAS) and virtual currency Act (VC). Malta is even considering the reform of its banking sector, in order to provide more friendly banking services for crypto currency project start-up companies, because monetary policy in Malta encryption based on the natural growth of its ecosystem and long-term sustainability, these initiatives are not easy to replicate his country’s regulators. In addition, as one of the European gaming center, Malta reserves for many years in the gaming regulatory experience, perhaps can be used in encryption currency industry.

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