Bitcoin in space: block chain satellite to receive the first deal

nnnPreviously, Blockstream announced the launch of the first Bitcoin satellite, and recently, the company CEO in Twitter confirmed that its satellite node successfully in the unconnected computer to receive the first bit of special currency transactions. It is reported that the company’s goal of using Bitcoin satellites is mainly to make the use of Bitcoins in countries where the lack of Internet infrastructure and monetary value is unstable. In the Reddit discussion, some people commented that the company’s practice is actually a block chain of the center.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nBlockstream’s block-chain satellite has successfully forwarded its first deal, and CEO Adam Back has confirmed the news on Twitter.n
nBack quoted BitcoinVPS creator Grubles, whose satellite node successfully received block-chain transactions on computers that could not be networked.n

nnAnd then back through the satellite 🙂 Bit coins in space
n- Adam Back (@ adam3us) August 21, 2017.n
nnLast week, Blockstream announced that it would use leased satellites to send deals to the world’s Bitcoin block chain.n
nThe company’s beta version of the software in Africa, Europe, South America and North America users can first download the full version of the Bitcoin function node.n
nBlockstream’s goal is to use Bitcoin for people who lack the Internet infrastructure and countries with unstable monetary values.n
nAccording to Back, the system is designed to ensure a 64kbit / s connection speed, “providing the appropriate bandwidth, reliably maintaining synchronization with the network, but allowing moderate latency.”n
nUsers need a 45 cm disc satellite antenna (such as TV satellites), as well as personal computers or specialized hardware (such as Raspberry Pi).n
nAnd then through GNU Radio and other open source software to establish a radio connection. However, the transaction still needs to be connected to the Internet, but Back believes SMS is enough.n
nAccording to Back, Blockstream will release an API for developers and companies to send data via satellite, but only a small fee.n
nJeff Garzik, a former developer of Bitcoin, also plans to launch a similar project, BitSat, in 2014, but then somehow stopped the project. In Reddit’s discussion, he argued that Blockstream’s satellite actually meant the centralization of the company’s version of the chain.n

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