Bitcoin innovation low, market value continues to shrink, this time really to the “bottom”?

The investment way of thousands, but there is a part of only a bit of love money. The latest news shows, bitcoin after falling for 15 months, again across the bottom, fell from $6000 in November to $3000, this is almost a “cut” decline, a bit like the prices, some investors have mood swings, seems to be in such a situation to fall, a little not pocket the feeling. Does money ring winter has arrived?

The coin circle is the circle, bitcoin in 17 years soared to $20000, which makes many investors see opportunities, have entered a lot of money into the currency bitcoin circle, became the darling “”. Thephrase? Fly high, or pain, in this year, bitcoin did not bring more surprises, but to bring the shock directly from the $20000 height at the speed of light at the ground, to the 12 month 13 day, bitcoin has dropped to $3200. “Circle” to “avoid the circle”, it seems that all people are playing bitcoin to avoid, lest they be affected. The shot on the shots, shots early, the loss can drop a little.

How a halo of bitcoin will happen? I believe many coins circle of friends is never thought. Perhaps this is because more and more people holding speculative ideas, see bitcoin worth a lot of money to hard money, the money did not get to take money into it, while bitcoin circulation can circulate in the circle, without the injection of new capital, bitcoin has been a bit like being abandoned as an orphan, shivering in the corner.

What bitcoin has experienced? Was put forward from bitcoin, bitcoin to the popular, but also not long, so a few years time that virtual currency can have such price is quite surprising. Someone said, bitcoin can not buy things, only in a circle around, in Chinese did not recognize its legitimacy. Although it is worth 3000 dollars, but you can take it to the house? May be selling small brother hit into “fracture”!

While bitcoin development today, its disadvantages are also gradually emerged, money is only a small circle in the circle, Chinese, real play coin circle of people is not too much, and this determines bitcoin is a niche currency. Unlike stocks, stock liquidity has a very large market, but also can get the bonus, in bitcoin just fired out of their own value, neither the ability nor the purchasing power of circulation, eventually become collectibles. While bitcoin trading only in the circle of hands, here to buy, where to sell, turn off on the small circle.

Some capital Qiaochu bitcoin such a characteristic, a lot of capital into this circle, they have the advantage of capital, starting bitcoin, how to fry? Is used to fry the nature. The proposal and development of the concept of the blockchain also let bitcoin to a fire, a lot of block chain media began to do down, do have to do tourism, delicacy, do financial. Their money is basically a way of advertising and services. There are so many capital to invest a lot of money to the blockchain media, they have only one purpose, let bitcoin appreciation. Then, bitcoin investment articles appear in people’s field of vision, as long as the investment bitcoin, can make money the claim that a large number of investment money can be heard without end, want the fanatics into the market, but it will bitcoin worth up to a new height, in this new disk after that capital has made a great deal of money, then leave, in all the people play the money eagerly waiting for bitcoin prices, currency funds have been a wave of capital circle harvest walk. Then, the blockchain media also appeared in major changes, there are a lot of blockchain media facing bankruptcy, who pocketed the money no longer capital investment, they also earn money, natural speculation bitcoin sound more and more small, but can not see the profit of investment projects, naturally there will be no new funding, so a vicious spiral, bitcoin fell all the way, who then set who lose.

Nevertheless, some did not see people holding hands bitcoin, neither eat nor drink, want to wait for it to appreciate again, this seems unlikely. From last year to this year has been 15 months in fall, bitcoin really afraid to pick up again unlikely.

For those who play money in terms of retail, it is winter, capital can use money to speculation, but investors can not, they bear the wave of attacks, has become the ultimate victims. But experts said, has a very bad influence bitcoin will not rise continued to fall, it could appear a spiral down tempo, which undoubtedly hope for those who have made a heavy blow, who can think of? Ever hope to make money into the currency circle, the but, the disk access man. Bitcoin was very popular in recent years, there are many people in the bitcoin speculation, and the price of bitcoin in a few years ago also soared, here recommend a “play make bitcoin”, we can see.

So the investment is not really a need to enter the market, analysis of the project background, foreground and influence factors, otherwise, accidentally buried in the capital of the mouth!

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