Bitcoin investment 365 days, from overnight to negative overnight explosion


With the continuous development of Internet information technology, hot after nouns can produce a digital economy: 2000. Which four words digital economy not to let you down, from the New York Wall Street Nasdaq, the NYSE to the District of Hongkong stock exchange, a science and technology enterprise successfully listed bell, brought up a batch of millionaires and billionaires. As for millionaires, do not need to mention, now the concept of millionaires and the poor have almost equal. No matter is in the technology industry hardware software enterprise or Internet companies, are based on the needs of the society and the development of. But many are not satisfied with the already very fast way to make money, find a company to market too much trouble. So a kind of pure “digital economy”, the development of the economy does not depend on any social needs, this is the electronic money. For example, today’s Hero: bitcoin.

The mystery of Nakamoto So

Bitcoin was born in 2009, who is still creating a very mysterious character in the Cong. Although from the name of view, these three words, Nakamoto Japanese style is very obvious, but it has not yet found Nakamoto himself. Is male or female, is a person or a team is not clear. This is the father of bitcoin identity ah, so hot in the bitcoin today, actually not really fantastic. This allows us to think of Cao Xueqin, when the period of the Republic of China and the modern study of Cao Xueqin’s signature is the story of the stone, shouted surprise. So around the research of Cao Xueqin and his works of “a dream of Red Mansions” has become a school called Redology, but also have a dream of a master. Even some people rely on research and Cao Xueqin, the name of a dream of red mansions. But suddenly one day, that Cao Xueqin is just a virtual character, the creation of a dream of Red Mansions is the Qing Dynasty scholar Wu Meicun and his students, the building collapsed, shocked academia and the world. Bitcoin and Nakamoto So would also like this development, it is not confirmed.

Bitcoin was born for 10 years.

Bitcoin is essentially a kind of electronic products, but investors must say that this is a digital currency, even some countries actually open bitcoin used as money. It is fantastic, you know, all countries in the world currency is legal tender, not the precious metals such as gold and silver as transaction medium. But if this bitcoin electronic products become money, this is the legal tender status threat. As for the bitcoin speculation to the center of the game player attributes, unique, universal, not fraud, feature is never necessary legal tender. Legal tender role is to maintain a state of normal operation of the transaction, stable and healthy economic development. While bitcoin from appearing to now, the biggest uncertainty is the price. At the end of 2017, a bitcoin price reached $20000, and in November 21, 2018, a bitcoin prices have reached $more than 4000. This roller coaster of goods, essentially does not have the characteristics and functions of currency. If you sell your house at the end of the year 2017 bought 20 coins, then you left now is just a toilet in the house. A lot of people from the former to the overnight overnight explosion of negative, some real money investment, bitcoin, estimates now even have a heart jumping.

The roller coaster bitcoin price

The bitcoin electronic products in recent years to become a tool of suction gold. A group of people to price speculation up, and to attract more people to invest to get rich overnight, then fry the price people to cash out, leaving only a leek. But prices are still fantasy leek more development, then some people fuel prices rise. When the high price of the ordinary people want to do when leek tickets are not available, the price of the building collapsed, this is the inevitable result. Bitcoin prices, closely associated with bitcoin mining machine tools to dig coins prices also will decline in prices. Mine is a kind of high performance computer, especially high requirements on the cards. So, when the bitcoin market is flourishing, card manufacturers follow the wind flying performance. Now, bitcoin prices fell, the global graphics chip giant NVIDIA (NVIDIA) stock price plummeted. Some high performance computer sellers complain incessantly, not only is affected by the sales, the key is how to do inventory hit?

Don’t forget Buffett’s advice: bitcoin is a poison

As early as 2014, the famous international investment guru Warren, Buffett proposed to “stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion.” You know, Buffett is the best investment, from Wall Street to China’s Internet companies, did not escape Buffett’s sharp eyes. While bitcoin this stuff, Buffett has been considered to be air coin. 2018, in an interview with Buffett and said, “bitcoin is more toxic than drugs.” This paper gave a word: bitcoin followers who wake up, leek.

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