Bitcoin investors “poverty”, now 2000 yuan sale “mills”

Bitcoin as the years relatively hot a virtual currency, by numerous investors. The price is a hike. However, since 2018, for most of the currency speculation who can be said to be hell, heaven. Especially in recent weeks, many investors bitcoin “poverty”.

Because during this week, bitcoin appeared larger decline. According to the relevant data display platform, bitcoin prices have fallen below $4100, down 38%. Bitcoin crash, so many diggers began to sale their “mills”. The original 2 million yuan a mill, only sell 2000 yuan. For the “machine”, a lot of friends may not know too much of it. Mine is actually earn bitcoin computer. Due to a bitcoin need through a lot of calculation. Therefore, ordinary computer is not complete. Only through the machine to get bitcoin.

Because in the process of digging coins in the machine need to consume a lot of power. In order to prevent the city’s electricity shortage, many miners will mine located in the remote mountains. Now, with the collapse of bitcoin, after all, have a greater impact on these people’s mining cost. So, many people began to abandon their mining machine mining, sale.

However, for some currency speculation investors, risk control is very important. Especially now bitcoin in a decline in the channel, if there is no awareness of risk control, may cause the loss of funds at any time. The second is a group of diggers, with bitcoin decline, will make them increasingly high cost. Therefore, now sale the hands of the machine, it is an important way to stop. Bitcoin fell, will also bring other virtual currency weakness. Today, the hot money market speculation, may usher in the winter.

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