Bitcoin is 3277 dollars low before breaking?

Yesterday after the crash, today we are starting to worry about, will not fall below $3277? Whether it will enter a new round of the downlink channel?

Then the author points out the important news today may affect the price of the currency

Is the only one of the more important point: okex futures delivery of four p.m.

So whether the currency price will fall below 3277?

Next we discuss together:

Prices must be promoted depends on capital, capital operation orientation must also be determined to rise and fall the direction in which the income is the biggest.

The bitcoin market participation party

1, miners and mine

Miner: the current currency prices, are detrimental for the miners, sources of income reduced, miners measures more hedging, rather than selling, so the miners are not at this time to choose their own zapan

2, intermediary service institutions

Spot exchange: currency for zero cost, whether to sell, depends on the exchange of currency price expectations, zapan power depends on the current market tray number, no tray, zapan no return.

Machine manufacturer: machine manufacturers, only the currency price fell, so that a number of the old machine will be dead, power down, let a return to mining demand, so the machine manufacturer is relatively large for the currency price drops in demand. However, its manufacturer itself is not currency price lead, so even if its business to zapan, we must follow the trend, but not contrarian operation

The futures exchange: depends on the proportion of both long and short positions, and this depends on the market, both long and short positions

3, ordinary investors

Venue: Chibidaigou funds hunters have also been a few days ago in the fall of the hunters, there should be no corresponding funds

Short-term speculators: not much speculation in the direction of choice, and more are to follow suit

Tun Tun: coins, coins were usually a sharp fall in the currency price, or admission to scheduled time, this will not rashly approach

Then from the current situation, influence on the price of money, more is the intermediary service institutions, and most likely to have a direct impact on the price of currency is the futures exchange, the final is depends on the proportion of both long and short positions.

When the short positions greatly stronger than bulls, currency price is likely to rebound

When the long positions in great short when the currency price is likely to continue to fall

Because the current contract did not have access to relevant data, to interpret from the data

I can only read from the disk

From the disk, below the previous low, did not have much time to undertake the disc, selling chips and may actually not fully exchange, only sell less, this perspective, stock exchange, selling power is not strong (no one to buy, sell is a waste of their chips)

From the current market, we short the mood is strong, from the perspective of exchange contract, is likely to reverse,

Therefore, from this perspective, it may be before today’s four pm contract delivery, and then fell into the wave, then reverse the violent air market.

The above analysis is based on the exchange trading volume is real, if the exchange amount of performance fraud, then the analysis may also be distorted. Just from the current contract exchange perspective, I think, is likely to rebound in violent air.

Speaking from the perspective of low bitcoin may not be in today, is likely to be empty after the storm, to.

This is my own investment record, not as investment advice

Bitcoin is highly speculative financial products have plummeted risk, please be careful in.

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