Bitcoin is a good digital currency, and the world uses it only as a matter of time.

Tim Draper (Tim Draper) has been watching the bitcoin currency and encryption, because he predicted that bitcoin will reach $250 thousand in 2022 years.

Draper in an interview with Cointelegraph about current encryption market collapse in the ecosystem cycle people are experiencing, he gives his opinions and forecasts.

According to Draper, although people trying to manipulate the market and make it in favor of its own direction, but this is normal fluctuations. Although encryption market followed the mainstream media FUD and FOMO, but Dereiber said he would buy the crisis as the market opportunity.

He further added: “bitcoin is a good digital currency. Therefore, the world accepted bitcoin is just a matter of time. I think, if I can do anything with bitcoin, you can use anything like the dollar. Then everyone will look at it and say, when we have bitcoin why traded in dollars? This is too easy. “

Draper explained that bitcoin can reduce the transaction too complex, without a central control mechanism to pay additional costs, even without inflation. He continued his prediction of the future said: “I have a pretty good idea, that is in 2022 or 2023 bitcoin prices will reach about $250 thousand, which is two factors at work. On the one hand is the dollar against the currencies of encryption. Another reason is that bitcoin will occupy more and more market share in all the money in the world. “

In addition, Draper said that the future of bitcoin is very good, but must have the reality rather than pessimistic way to accept bitcoin future, it will become the major currencies in the world.

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