Bitcoin is a sign of currency derivatives or jumped into a new period of encryption

Bitcoin is a sign of currency derivatives or jumped into a new period of encryption

When the financial crisis is bitcoin “Enlightenment” in the teacher, Nakamoto spent about 1 years time will idea about bitcoin after the implementation, the world’s first currency was born – and distributed bitcoin, known as from the ills of modern capitalism in saving the world “”.

Effect of a financial crisis in 2008 brought global memory, whether you admit it or not, flooding causes normally this crisis is often attributed to the financial derivatives. There are financial derivatives because of the false data is rampant, it obscures the truth, enlarge the market system risk, and let those super bank group bear more debt. Now, now bitcoin in the field of financial derivatives development may be entered into a new period of the currency sign encryption.

      We must ask, between bitcoin and financial derivatives are opposites? If the derivative is arch-criminal financial crisis, need to save bitcoin, the only logical conclusion to this question is “yes”. The expression of reality is just the opposite.

        As everyone knows, futures is one of the most common, is perhaps the oldest financial derivative products, its origin can be traced back to ancient greece. The futures of purpose is very simple, but it can through the complex, even deception hidden risks, make investors more easily. Although I don’t think bitcoin is being out of the crisis, but in 2008 that no similar to the bitcoin world, we should recognize the trend of the world is constantly changing, and the first generation of bitcoin users, who largely bitcoins as idealistic, liberal password lovers than today more, the risk of investors and investment bankers have been attracted to this new field.

If you often visit the bitcoin forum might notice — now, who discuss how bitcoin to “save” the world topic a lot less than last year. Although many bitcoin users are expected in 2014 will be a bitcoin “outbreak”, but everyone more about how to get higher value. Of course, now want to know the development status of the bitcoin ecosystem is also very difficult beneficial or harmful. But for those opportunists: bitcoin and initial ideal lopsided may mark it mature and mature, means that “most of our” middle will be the beneficiaries and will be able to maximize its profits.

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