Bitcoin is expected in 2019 will recover, credit market collapse could help

From the financial mainstream of the world — GP Bullhound and Saxo Bank corner respected (Saxo Bank) forecast, could be good news for the industry and its status as an effective encryption and profitable asset classes. The United States consulting and investment company GP Bullhound (GPB) in the “crypto currency will grow this item, to the field of encryption analyst comments, which will lead the recovery of funds.

“We haven’t seen the best encryption currency. The blockchain activity is heating up, even the traditional financial institutions are also trying to make sure that you don’t fall behind. 2019 should be institutional capital inflows of encryption currency a year before, obstacles and strict supervision will be removed.

Last year, the company focused on science and technology investment company correctly foresaw the collapse of the password, in hindsight, some people may say, it is not difficult to predict. However, it does give a number as a forecast, that will be 90% callback, in spite of its stock market crash rate of surprise. The company in 2018, 90% were proved to be correct, therefore, the 2019 encryption recovery prediction should not be regarded as more words from trying to protect its investment company dismissed. For financial institutions, to attract them is not only to buy coins at the bottom (everywhere) brings financial benefits, and to invest more books distributed technology:

“We expected in 2019 will be the mechanism of capital inflows blockchain a year, this is not just for financial motivation, but by the enterprise and family offices in growing demand and their willingness to support positions.” First, it will be through investment funds, to block chain technology project stock, and the main crypto currency financial instruments and derivative products.

Intercontinental Exchange (Intercontinental Exchange) Bakkt platform may be one of the “key platform capital inflows”, a small amount of existing regulatory tools may also be one of the key platform. Including Barry Hilbert (Barry Silbert) investment company (Grayscale Investments) gray bitcoin investment trust (Bitcoin Investment Trust) (although its net asset value, the transaction price higher than its ewww); CoinShares XBT provider bitcoin (Bitcoin) and Ethereum Amun Crypto Market Basket and product tracking index ETP provides new products such as exchange traded notes (these are debt instruments, instead of ETF).

Another prediction of encryption meaning — from Saxo Bank (Saxo Bank) – has been encrypted and mainstream financial media ignored. Earlier this month, Saxo Bank (Saxo Bank) released the 10 annual “outrageous forecast”. Have to say, considering the age prediction sounds this year is not too much. The ten forecast 2019 Germany economic recession, and President Trump (Trump) released the Federal Reserve (FED) chairman Jerome Powell (Jerome Powell) the post of the two forecast may be not too far. However, the fifth prediction should cause people in cryptanalysis.

Fifth that is, Netflix and General Electric (GE) will fall into a worsening debt crisis, resulting in corporate credit crunch. This will mean that the leading stock market appeared a dramatic reversal, because the traditional value have a healthy cash flow and reliable and growing dividend paying stock (rather than GE), will replace the Founder Technology Stocks (FAANG) and other growth firms. General Electric was the American economic indicator, but also the value of the company, is now struggling. Saxo expects the 1000 billion of debt rollover will scare the credit market, the credit default will push up prices to a point above 600″.

The credit is to make the machine working oil. How is the basis of credit is not only financial, but the working principle of the whole economic system, allowing companies such as Netflix and Tesla to build their business, although there is no profit, and bank loan capital return when the products enter the market and cash flows.

However, if the credit market collapse, will be a huge problem in the financial system’s reputation. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) global private and public debt to the latest data for the prospect of more severe. IMF estimates that in 2017 the global private and public debt will reach $184 trillion. In so doing, the earth’s per capita income of $86 thousand. Or, if you love more with the equation of exchange bitcoin valuation, assuming debt is a form of money creation, you can use the total debt of $21 million, $8761904 bitcoin price. So, the next time someone (Nouriel or Roubini by economist Kenneth Rogoff (Kenneth Rogoff) said that the purchase of encryption is a lottery behavior) tell you the password bubble (really, but may be close to deflation), nature is not worth a hair (false, because it is the value and store it, no matter how inefficient) and remind them of the current system makes the debt pile up like a mountain hand, and artificially high asset prices.

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