Bitcoin is generally what?

Bitcoin is one of the hot words in today’s society, from the IT circle to the financial circle, from high-end office home hot Kang, different people on bitcoin in the heat, as if bitcoin has the same currency into thousands of households, as people become home travel essential medicine

So, the question is, bitcoin is capable of what?

To understand this problem, we need to start from the source, step by step to see. After all, want to use wool, also need to know where it comes from?

The initial 1. fair currency bitcoin GEEK eyes

The traditional money come from? The earliest currency is gradually appeared in people’s transactions, from shell, metal money, money go a long way. In today’s society, money is issued by the state, the official market circulation of materials recognized by law, every day regardless of the big market or small market, there are countless money circulation, mutual conversion

It can be said that the money market is, accept market regulation, but it is the power, by the power distribution, power allocation. In the dual regulation of the market and the power of money, often there will be additional, multiple, spamming, currency imbalance is likely to lead to inflation and other phenomena, endanger the market economy

In this case, bitcoin came into being. The issue of the “unofficial” currency is not any monetary authority, but out and a complex algorithm, namely, it is the product of computer operation. One of the earliest designers hope to eliminate inflation through monetary spamming bitcoin monetary situation, reach balance, and this is true, bitcoin design at the beginning of the function.

2. in the circulation of bitcoin transaction, shopping, stock, market……

Ideally, bitcoin can be equal to anything, like a conventional currency, carrying the circulation function. But in reality, in some areas, bitcoin is negotiable, for example, it can be through online trading purchase items, stocks, futures, property rights and so on, of course, the premise is to admit the other bitcoin transactions can be used to.

In the other side of the world, such as the black market, bitcoin functions are even more significant. According to statistics, at present, a large part of the market is realized through bitcoin, bitcoin currency from here, perhaps, the founder of bitcoin this is unexpected!

3. investment in bitcoin — a second heaven, hell of a second

Then, the current market Chinese bitcoin can do what? For Chinese people, for bitcoin more concept, it can rise, can invest, can buy through the platform, and then wait for it like a stock price.

A group of people into the city is indeed the early to make a plate full bowl full, but from bitcoin, with Chinese government control more stringent, bitcoin prices plummeted, the spectacular degree is not inferior to the stock market. Don’t know when it prides itself on “fair” currency became a speculation, heaven, bitcoin can not restore to original value, real restraint inflation, become the economic salvation?

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