Bitcoin is going to be a killer application?

Reprinted from 100 Author: distributed ghost

Bitcoin quantity is limited, how to stimulate people to use bitcoin?

The netizen said, bitcoin intrinsic value is rising, so hold bitcoin than spend it more cost-effective, under such circumstances, how to stimulate people to use bitcoin? Bitcoin is only 21 million, and now more and more people know bitcoin, the demand for it increases, so will appear in short supply, people will use bitcoin in daily life.

The reason why people in 3 dollars to buy bitcoin, then hold for 20 years, because they believe that bitcoin will appreciate, after the price can reach 25 or 100 dollars a. But from an investment perspective, long-term holders of bitcoin is not an easy thing, because the concept of the people is always changing.”

Many years ago, people did not think that what is the value of bitcoin, do not think it will be appreciated, so there will be a miner to save 7500 bitcoin private key being hard throw away in the clean room, people may spend 10000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas, but certainly not someone to do so.

The killer application bitcoin hidden in it in principle

Keynes economists think that the “savings” it is wise to accumulate wealth for the next generation. When people are accustomed to “monetary inflation is very serious” era, the economics principle of bitcoin actually sounds very strange”.

Bitcoin is not a killer application, but people can invest bitcoin.

“You should bitcoin broader ecosystem start thinking about the next, if bitcoin can like gold, it will have a specific purpose — ‘savings’, this is the killer application of bitcoin.”

The oil-rich Venezuela is in economic crisis, inflation reached 149900%, a cup of coffee or even need millions of Bolivar, domestic production and life order of chaos, the people of the country are suffering from hunger, poverty, and disease infestation

“The people from Venezuela that the economic situation in liberation is a” killer application “, but this is not just now you can use the.”

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