Bitcoin is on the verge of collapse

Paul Donovan (Paul Donovan) recently published bitcoin pessimistic, trying to bury this top of encryption currency.

According to CNBC reports, UBS Global Asset Management (UBS Global Wealth Management) chief economist Paul Donovan (Paul Donovan) said that he did not have any bitcoin words of praise, on the contrary, he is ready to bury the number one virtual currency. The UBS executives also announced that it is time to abandon the digital currency, because they are “coming to an end”. Chief economist believes that considering the recent price, this is at the top of encryption currency collapse completely. Donovan added that one of the main obstacles to bitcoin is the government, he said bitcoin ideas are aspiring to replace fabi.

Contrary to the above statement, bitcoin prices plummeted is not the first time. It is always a rebound to a new height.

However, the Anthony Pompliano BTC recently said that over the past 10 years is the best performing asset classes. The UBS executives said, either now or in the future, it is impossible to become a virtual currency currency. In contrast, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton (Jay Clayton) said that the main currency is not security encryption. Clayton further said that bitcoin is the dollar, euro and yen currency substitutes.

In addition, the leading digital currency has been successful in supporting the remittance channel in Southeast Asia and africa.

However, Donovan is not only an outspoken critic of bitcoin trading people. Oanda (Stephen Innes) trader Stephen Innes said recently, in January 2019, the leading encryption currency plunged to $2500. Vinny Lingham added that bitcoin prices will remain at $3000 to $5000, until 2019 year.

The encryption is currently ranked first in the price movements of currencies shows the volatility of returns since the second quarter of 2018 has not appeared in the. Bitcoin suddenly fell in the middle of November, fell to $5600. Since then, this encryption currency has experienced price volatility. According to a report earlier, bitcoin and other virtual currencies showed some bullish trend. Within hours, the highest encryption currency rose 5% to $4300, driven by alternative currency prices. Bitcoin is difficult to maintain in the range of $4000, the price fell sharply earlier. Despite the sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, but some stakeholders are still optimistic about bitcoin. The NYSE chairman Geoff (Jeff Sprecher)? He said, despite the worst, but the virtual currency is a leading survivor. China Zhaodong also predicted that by 2021, bitcoin prices may reach 50 thousand to 100 thousand U.S. dollars.

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