Bitcoin is very important position in the US presidential election?

Bitcoin is very important position in the US presidential election?


The United States presidential candidate Rick Perry to get bitcoin community votes through the expression of bitcoin moderate, in an “New York observer” interview, Rick Perry claimed that as long as does not affect the bitcoin industry innovation, and can make digital currency legal based business running smoothly, he is fully supported relax the relevant policy bitcoin in a certain extent.

Rand Paul is the Kentucky state senator and U.S. presidential election candidate, said he will accept bitcoins as campaign contributions, at the same time, he was also the first real importance of decision making in the bitcoin community among the presidential candidates. Subsequently, several other presidential candidates have begun to accept bitcoin as a cash donation.

The United States presidential candidate for the use of encryption currency as a form of financial instruments to the acceptance of more and more high, this virtually also makes the digital currency famous people in the United States and the world’s people won a certain reputation.

Bitcoin development in various countries around the world are facing, how to increase the bitcoin itself is widely used among the people of the rate of this challenge. Although there are a few people whenever the absolute support bitcoin, bitcoin is willing to work with the same fate, but most people bitcoin is skeptical, legitimacy questioned bitcoin, and questioned the bitcoin’s reputation, but also some people still can not ignore an important fact, any the central authority is that bitcoin is not that by the central bank to manage, thus causing some people will think bitcoin has too much risk.

As one of the accepted encryption currency donation form, used by the people’s elected representatives of the government not only that these candidates is on TV, news media and so on to talk openly about the encrypted currency, such a fact can increase the confidence of the American people, making them for the digital currency to have high rate of utilization. The people that some previously bitcoin skeptical, especially after the presidential candidate in the campaign when talking about bitcoin, now also can begin to further understand bitcoin, then try to use bitcoin.

In New York after the Bitlicense defeat, the bitcoin community is also pleased with the. With more and more people begin to understand bitcoin, but at least have directly or indirectly use bitcoin to some cost of running the government, the bitcoin community can look more realistic, more reasonable management regulations.

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