Bitcoin Jesus, who has achieved wealth by BTC, is now pressing on BCH

Author Tao Jun Levin.

The source, Levin road block chain (laidaoblockchain)

Roger Ver bitcoin early preacher, he is the bitcoin foundation 5 one of the founders of the early investment of Ripple, Bitpay and Kraken and other well-known digital currency start-ups have more than 30 million bitcoins. He showed that young business acumen, have suffered jail and trafficking of explosives. He was a liberalist, who had sought freedom, abandoned American nationality, raised money, bought islands, and tried to establish a free country. He related in other digital currency bitcoin has great influence, is the circle of people become bitcoin Jesus.

Introduction of the platform

In 1979, the city of San Jose Roger Ver was born in Silicon Valley in California, a teenager would have business talent. Junior high school, he would start a candy business, a sugar 0.25$purchase price, sold to the students to double the price, can make $50 a week. In high school, Roger read all kinds of books on economics, Hayek and the Austria School of economics that profoundly affected him, let him feel dissatisfied with the economic regulation. In a year of Community College, 20 years old when he left CEO, founder of Memorydealers.

At the age of 2000 years, 21 years old Roger Ver by the Liberal Party candidate in the parliamentary elections in California. The results, because the other party members to report lost eligibility for election, on charges of trafficking of explosives on undocumented eBay. This farce in the final 10 months in jail.

As ingrained liberals, the 10 months of prison life to him a huge blow, strengthened his belief. After his release, he continued to expand his business, and Memorydealers will be the successful transition to the electronic equipment trade company. At the age of 25, he was in a million, even expanding his business into the Japanese market.

Investment in bitcoin

Roger Ver is not a blind love for special money: the country born in the United States, the pursuit of personal freedom, coupled with his childhood study of economics, curiosity about new things, and the pursuit of liberalism, coincides with the spiritual connotation of bitcoin. Bitcoin makes Roger Ver feel that he has a chance to create a truly free society.

Roger Ver often listens to a radio program called Free Talk Live. At the end of 2010, he heard a word that changed the path of his life from the program: Bitcoin. When he first discovered bitcoin, he was very excited about the magic technology. In order to read more books about bitcoin, he could not sleep for more than a week, and finally had a big illness. When he recovered, he did not miss the best time to invest in bitcoin.

In March 2011, he bought the first bitcoin of his life, and when bitcoin fell to $2, he invested the first bitcoin venture, Bitinstant, after a series of bitcoin related investments. He thought the invention of bitcoin was an epoch-making thing in human history, as important as the Internet.

In the same year, Memorydealers began to accept bitcoin payment as the first company to accept bitcoin payment. At the same time, he invested and persuaded the people around to buy bitcoins and attracted the attention of the media. He was interviewed by the media and won a title of “bitcoin Jesus”.

The bitcoin forerunner has invested in a series of companies, initially trying to support those who are the same person and the dream – minded entrepreneurs, not out of too much return on investment. Now Roger, the investment field is more extensive. Since 2012, RogerVer has invested a number of bitcoin companies, including BitPay, coinbase, Rui wave,, quantum and so on. Some have been lost to the public, and some are still well known to the present. In the beginning he didn’t think much of the return on investment, but instead supported everything he believed in bitcoin to make the world a better entrepreneur.

In 2014, Roger gave up American citizenship and became a citizen of the Caribbean island of St. John and Nevis and lived in Japan for a long time. His dream was to create a free world of non aggression. He summoned many liberals together to raise money, buy islands, and try to build a free country.

The other side of Roger Ver

In fact, RogerVer is irritable and even a bit of a rash character. To defend his belief, he often did two things: quarrelling with people and betting on people.

In July 8, 2011, the price of bitcoin rose to a history of $31, but then the “bubble” broke down and fell to $2 at the end of the year. But in August, Roger Ver made a bet of $ten thousand with those who thought bitcoin was a scam and did not look at the currency. “Bitcoin will be over one hundred times more than gold, silver and the US stock market in the next two years. “(of course, two years later he lost, because the price of bitcoin has risen one hundred times more than two months more than two years.)

Roger Ver also comes up with $1 million, and a bet that Bticoin Cash is not a flash in the pan.

It is worth mentioning that the 2013 MTGOX case, to some extent, has damaged the public image of Roger Ver to some extent. Before the accident, Roger Ver recorded video of Mentougou in person. But after the accident, he said publicly to the media, “Mentougou is the world’s worst run enterprise in the world.”

Leave bitcoin to focus on bit cash

In the early days, Roger had a strong belief in the currency, and once claimed, “bitcoin will not be frozen by any central group, ZF, and that everyone can send and receive their bitcoins to everyone in the world without any organization allowed, and almost no charge for any fee…” In 2017, more and more people poured into the market as the price of bitcoin pushed $20000 into the market, but the fee of bitcoin began to stay high, even $20. In this regard, he commented: the most popular bit of bitcoin platform is being controlled by a group of people. Roger, known as “bitcoin Jesus,” eventually failed to change the fate of bitcoin. Roger split out of BitcoinCash when the bitcoin dilatation contention. Roger believes that by increasing the capacity of the block chain, the cash of bitcoin continues the original de centralization characteristics and solves the problems of high formalities and slow rate of transfer. Bitcoin Cash has been supported by many people, but it has also been opposed by many people.

Later, Roger began to publicize Bitcoin Cash on different occasions like the once publicized bitcoins, and even when someone read Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash”, he would be furious.

There is no doubt that Roger Ver’s business area for bitcoin investment shows that he is a commercial charm, unswervingly cross the digital currency for nearly 8 years, while holding the currency for the spread of digital currency, for Roger Ver to get the title of “bitcoin Jesus”, is also a real reputation. However, it can not be ignored is that RogerVer has overdrawn his reputation, converting them to profit from his support bitcoin to bit the cash point of view, seems to be coming from the real bitcoin track. It is hoped that he will return to his early heart and continue to promote the popularity of bitcoin to the society.

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