Bitcoin [knowledge] nine of the most useful bitcoin data resources

Bitcoin [knowledge] nine of the most useful bitcoin data resources

The emergence of bitcoin is just a signal, that society has completely entered the digital era. Technology has changed all of our lives, including the use of data and information in a way. Use the pencil icon of the days gone for ever, new tools to collect and analyze large quantities of data and graphic easier than ever. Bitcoin is very suitable for the quantitative analysis tool. Things related to digital currency is rarely subjective, no one knows exactly what to promote changes in the price of bitcoin, many people use technical analysis to predict the price trend of bitcoin. We are very fortunate to many companies described the graphics for the bitcoin ecosystem changes. These sites provide us with the price of bitcoin transactions, capital market, changes, statistics and other information chain blocks.

Here are 9 very useful bitcoin data resources:

1, Coinometrics

Coinometrics (, the self proclaimed “arrangement of bitcoin data and research, analysis of the volatility, the price difference and currency flow, gives a sense of freshness.

2, Coinmap

This is special for want to use bitcoin in store consumer bitcoin fans website design, Coinmap ( is a minimalist design, but a lot of local accept bitcoin store information for the user to choose.

3, ( is probably the most well known of the blockchain website, provide a lot of basic information, such as market value, trading volume, stress level. In addition to this website to block chain in each transaction, the source of bitcoin, and a bitcoin wallet address balance.


The price information website users love, provides a comprehensive digital currency information, focusing on the use of technical analysis of price trends. This site offers many custom icon to view prices, long-term view provides a visual map view digital currency history.

5, CoinMarketCap

The world is not only a digital currency bitcoin. This industry there are many copycat coins, although other currencies could not and $7 billion 700 million worth of bitcoin can be compared, but CoinMarketCap ( provides the latest market capital flow records can be observed changes in the market value of 462 digital currency.

6, Bitnodes

Bitnodes ( was developed for a special purpose: evaluation and visualization of the bitcoin network scale. The bitcoin Foundation provides support, node data this website to collect all the operation of bitcoin version 70001 protocol.

7, Wizbit

Want more visual analysis of bitcoin transactions? Wizbit ( can meet your needs, the website shows all transactions and real-time updates of the latest mining block, display a striking Earth rotation.

8, ( is another focus of the blockchain website provides bitcoin, Wright coins, coin currency query block bit. The site provides information on the recent browse block block, the difficulty of information mining is to predict the future, and other information.

9, CoinDesk

CoinDesk ( is not only a bitcoin news website boss, but also provide a price, venture capital, bitcoin network statistics and other information. 最近还要上线一个比特币ATM地图(,图形化展示比特币ATM在全世界的发展,为在附近寻找比特币ATM的人们提供帮助。

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